Singer/songwriter Kelly Campbell, says that she has always believed in the healing and energizing power of a well-written song, reveling in the way it can conjure up universally-familiar emotions and grateful for the way music has helped her triumph over adversity and rediscover joy. In middle school, she began to experiment with songwriting, composing poems and piecing together delicate melodies in her head until, at 13, she enthusiastically embraced her first guitar, which she borrowed from her brother.

Seizing every free moment to learn the intricacies of the instrument, she was finally free to unlock music as a way to express her successes and help her navigate the sometimes dark and twisting road of the human experience.

Now, Campbell continues to perform songs that make her heart feel good throughout the Dayton and Columbus Ohio areas. Her debut 5-song EP, “Sweet Therapy,” released by Area FX Music, is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and through the official Kelly Campbell website.

“Awesome” does not even begin to describe “Sweet Therapy.” Kelly Campbell may not yet be one of today’s most popular artists, but she’s certainly among the most talented. Her candy-coated voice creates a different and unique expression on every track, while her songwriting is intense and profound.

Kelly starts with “Sweet Therapy,” an uplifting, rhythmic folk-pop number, which highlights some deliciously tasteful banjo interludes. She continues with “Cody’s Song,” where she engages self-determination and social psychological issues. And if that isn’t enough, she turns to a heartfelt piano sound for “(Something)Beautiful In You,” giving this radio-friendly love song an impassioned feel. Next is the incredible “All My Life,” without a doubt the most magnetic track on the Ep. Kelly’s vocals intertwine and soar above a rock solid rhythm section, that will set your heart and soul on fire. She closes the Ep down, much the same way she opens it, with a folksy-pop tune, “In My Chest,” a mid-tempo ballad that hangs, floats and drifts on a perpetual cloud of emotion.

“Sweet Therapy” is a fine example of Kelly Campbell’s talents. While other artistes vainly attempt to write songs that actually touch the heart, Kelly succeeds with seemingly little effort. Her songs tell the story of life and is splattered with lyrical genius.

Kelly’s beautiful voice matched with her inspiring lyrics and a wonderful band to boot, make this Ep great to listen to over and over again. The only problems you will encounter with “Sweet Therapy,” is deciding which song you like the best and what to do when you can’t get Kelly’s lyrics out of your head.

“Sweet Therapy” is one album that will probably etch itself into your heart, to be remembered and rekindled in moments of emotional despair.

I highly recommend this Ep for anyone who has been in love, is in love or is even planning on being in love.


Kelly Campbell – “Sweet Therapy”





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