Boss Gang is an aspiring Hip Hop Group from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2010 Boss Gang consist of 3 members: Cedric “King Ced” Wade (Compton, Ca), Rashad “Smock” Stolden (Watts, Ca) and Will “VIP” Holland (Compton, CA). They have headlined at top establishments in Los Angeles including “The Viper Room” (Hollywood, Ca) and “The Lush Lounge” (Long Beach, Ca). Boss Gang has established a loyal following of fans that immediately fall in love with their undeniable talent, honest lyrics, relevance, and entertainment their music provides.

“Stacks And A Strap” their latest track, represents an almost perfected formula that the Boss Gang have established, for constructing songs that are mix of catchy beats and hard lyrics, dealing with what they’re all about.

Running through their tracks, you’ll find the beats to be smooth, catchy and mellow. The lyrical content is good too. The Boss Gang are developing wordsmiths, and in some ways it is their lyrical simplicity that make them great. They are good story-tellers who keep their rhymes cohesive in such a way that they make sense. The overall vibe of the songs are very “live-your-life-esque”. Leaving you no choice but to step your swag up as their confidence is contagious!

Besides “Stacks And A Strap,” also checkout standouts like, “Roll One,” “Doing Something Right” and “One More Chance” to hear how smoothly these guys groove along. They even sing on a somewhat regular basis, which is an enjoyable aspect of their talents.

A great high point of “Stacks And A Strap,” is easily the production. The Boss Gang show that they have good taste in the beats that they use, and after having heard a couple of other songs from their set, a few times now. I can’t find one that I don’t like. Granted, some are better then others, but overall there are no throwaway beats, and each one seems to be handcrafted to fit their style of writing, and solidifies the feel of the songs.

All-in-all the Boss Gang deliver a mix of songs that you can just lay back and relax to and songs that get you hyped up and ready to just dance to. If you enjoy music that is from the heart, with crafty vocals and lyrics, a great flow, plus good sounds and production, then go take a listen to the Boss Gang.