Hazardous Ken aka HK is a rapper-songwriter out of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Half black and half Jamaican, HK’s mom kicked him out of the house by the age of sixteen, and placed him in an in-house drug program with 30 other people. Two months before his seventeenth birthday, HK took off for Atlanta, where he spent the next 4 years homeless and hustling to make ends meet.

Kept sane by a pen and pad, hard times had reduced HK to nothing, but he got himself together and made the move back to New York, with a vow to never fall again! Hazardous Ken, with the help of his father and some friends, managed to build a home studio and set his sights on a music career.

Hence the new project from Hazardous Ken, “Cuffin Season,” which features 7 tracks; “What’s Good,” “Cue,” “In Ya Eyes,” “Body Shots f/ Twiz,” “Sex Machine,” “Natural Disaster f/ Mic Prince” and “Take Flight.”


This album from HK is a genre-bending collection of slow to mid-tempo R&B and Hip Hop tracks. Right from off the block, HK goes real deep as he tries to grab a hot lady’s attention, on the heartfelt and exceptional ballad “What’s Good”, featuring Maskerade and produced by Scarecrow Beats. I’ve heard some cool versions of this track, but HK stays up there with the best of them.

To be honest all the songs are great, and very listenable. HK’s mixture of tunes show his talent, whether its on slow mellow songs such as “Sex Machine,” or if its on something groovier like “Take Flight f/Cash Cow” or “Body Shots f/Twiz.”

Hazardous Ken is lyrically sound and the chosen beats on this album are really hot. Even the chipmunk song, “In Ya Eyes”, is laced with an amazing beat. The featured guest appearances on each track is also of a particularly high standard, making sure that HK’s flow is backed-up with a platinum sound.

The “Cuffin Season,” will touch any and everyone who’s able to hear a melody and understand words. From the young to the old, the weak to the strong, and the hurting to the healed. HK’s whole vibe on the album, is a perfect blend of R&B and Hip-Hop. It’s especially listenable for adults who like rap that isn’t pure hardcore anger. Here he presents a song mix which depict stories of love, lust, and life.

You’ll probably enjoy this album, as it has a lot of heart and it gives you a good feeling while listening to it. I think Hazardous Ken out did himself on this one, as well as truly showing signs of keeping his vow “to never fall again.”

HK's latest project...
HK’s latest project…