Created in 1984, Manteye’s original blues and country-infused pop-rock sound continues to ride the airwaves of Canada, the U.S. and Europe, landing on the ears and in the hearts of die-hard and new fans. Creator and front-man  Mark Manthei, with his characteristic appreciation for the music of the day, has breathed new life into Manteye. Collaboration with talented and versatile producers, musicians and vocalists creates a fusion of sounds and styles with country and even hiphop undertones.

I happen to appreciate Mark Manthei for writing about the human condition from an insightful standpoint like Dylan, Springsteen, Mellencamp and Lennon. Today, there are so few artists that even care to sing and write about the world they live in. Everything’s sex and violence. Manteye’s collection of songs are sometimes conflicting because of its stinging commentary on society, combined with some hauntingly beautiful ballads. When compared with the sappy sweetness of most of today’s pop songs, Mark Manthei sounds like the old wise man counseling others on the troubles of love and society.

Mark is like a splash of lemon in a water glass. He asks us bitter questions which make us re-evaluate our silly priorities. Most of today’s music merely provides a soundtrack to our lives, while Manteye’s music makes us question our motives for living.

Through Manteye’s music, you will remember what it feels like to be deeply in love, and also remember what it feels like to be passionate about change and living life to it’s fullest. Standout tracks that quickly jump to mind are; “Half The Fun,” “Falling,” “Tailspin,” “Sure Don’t Mind,” “Kill The Music,” “Slightly Bent” and “Pray For Rain.” Confirming that Manteye’s catalog is a fabulous mix of soulful, angry, full of gratitude, thanksgiving and even funny songs.

Mark Manthei gives the definite impression of being a certified troubadour. A noble art, lost in time. At times he sounds like an angry Tom Petty, at others his vocal chords take on the soft profoundness of classic Cat Stevens. More often than not, he has that biting Steve Tyler (Aerosmith) sting, on uptempo deliveries. I find it hard to imagine that you will not be impressed by this man.

That said, the lyrics on this collection of songs are among my favorites by any artist ever. There is a depth and maturity to many of these songs that I’m sure everyone is capable of appreciating. Sometimes insightful, sometimes amusing, but always entertaining. To me, over and above Marks extraordinary voice, the quality of the lyrics trumps the musical production values of his songs. Giving it, it’s five-star quality.

After listening repeatedly to Manteye’s songs for almost a week now, I found myself repeatedly saying:“Wow, unbelievable, amazing” and “Listen to those lyrics…” The music universe has become so paralyzed with certain pop formulas that I had just about given up the hope, that songs like this would ever see the light of day again.

Manteye’s voice sounds intense, open, sensitive and deeply believable. This to me is songwriting and performing at the highest level of artistry and integrity that I’ve heard in the last 20 years. I’ve been in this business for more than 30 years now. So I’ve heard a couple of tunes down the line too!

I’m not talking big-name sound productions or cookie cutout multi-million-dollar-selling songs and artists. I’m talking raw artistic core talent. A voice, a chord and a melody, that is simply able to enchant its listener, whether in a backstreet bar before 5 drunken die-hards, or inside a stadium in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Manteye is the culmination of that voice, chord and melody!

Mark Manthei of Manteye
Mark Manthei of Manteye