The Clarksville, Tennessee-based retro-rock band, Blue Sky Alert, has been rocking audiences with their unique sound in and around Nashville for the last two years. The band independently released their first official album, “Live From Studio Welcome To 1979” at the end of August last year, after embarking on a fund raising campaign to record the album at the historic Welcome to 1979 Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Skye Mangrum, keyboardist Jason Mangrum, drummer and vocalist Matt Whittenburg, and bassist Matt Powers.

 “Live From Studio Welcome To 1979” is what rock and roll is all about. It’s gritty, it’s bluesy and it’s soulful enough to grab your attention and hold it until the very last note of the final song. Some of my favorites like, “King Of The Castle” starts and ends out slow but in between runs like a gospel rock train coming at you full speed ahead. “Crazy” is quintessential funky swamp-rock, served up with a pack of smokes and a Southern Comfort. “Come Back Down” touches on every emotion you have, and when you think that you just can’t take any more, BSA lead you right into the soulful “Send Your Love.” In between, and all around, every single song does it’s individual part to come together and make this a finely-tuned album of classic soul-driven rock.

Throughout the tracks, BSA reach full groove, filling all the sonic spaces. The musicianship is awesome and it’s clear the band was enjoying the time in the studio. Skye Mangrum’s energy is at a peak, and her singing is filled with immense warmth and passion.

If you thought that you would have to listen to 60’s and 70’s music forever to get that fist clenching pump of true classic rock, then maybe this album is your savior. “Live From Studio Welcome To 1979,” breaks into the limelight at a time when rock music needs a serious shot in the arm. Equipped with their Memphis/60’s soul influences and classic rock swagger, Blue Sky Alert deliver an epic powerhouse of rock, soul, blues, and psychedelia, with explosive climaxes that will leave you hitting the repeat button many times.

Grab this album if you want a breath of fresh air from today’s radically sterile music scene, if you want to be temporarily transported back to another, purer time, or if you merely enjoy great rock music. Also grab this album if you are new to the band, if you have heard some other material, or perhaps even seen them live.

“Live From Studio Welcome To 1979,” is a wonderfully varied, polished and thoughtful rock album with real, heart-and-soul sounds, recommended to all!