Curse & Kisses, a alternative rock artist; is taking the music industry by storm. He has recently introduced his very own mobile app for music lovers. It comes available with innovative media techniques which allow fast market distribution of music and products in the online world.

The website is describes the style as a “joy ride of nervy attitude, lyrical images and heavy-rock influences”. By putting it all together online , users and visitors alike will be able to experience Orgasmic Rock–rock music that will give you extreme pleasure.

Curse & Kisses claims that the app will take the sound trip experience to the next level for users, as it is packed with advanced features. He also added that since it is for free, users will be able to have an eargasmic experience like no other.

The new Curse & Kisses mobile app enables the user to stream music and view pictures. It can also be shared quickly to other music lovers in order for them to experience the kind of eargasmic satisfaction it provides.

Apart from the mobile app, Curse & Kisses also has several benefits in store such as social network presence, Partner Program, Rock Wall of Fame, Share Program and  the MegaStore.

Two of the highlight benefits of the site are The Rock Wall of Fame and MegaStore. The former will give any music artists a chance to highlight themselves on the website’s wall and make history. This will also allow them to promote their Twitter or Facebook page, blog, website or business. This is hosted forever, so users will experience its fullest benefits. On the other hand, the latter is the artists official location for the hottest Curse & Kisses gear. Users will have a chance to browse its hundred selections of customizable items. With Curse & Kisses’ fast shipping around the world, the satisfaction of users is guaranteed.

Curse & Kisses also boasts an extensive network including CD Baby, Reverb Nation, iTunes, Amazon, EPK, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlay.

It is expected that the traffic of the website will soar higher in the next coming weeks due to the benefits and features it has in store for music lovers. Curse & Kisses also promises to offer more in order to satisfy the growing demands of visitors and users.

For more information about Curse & Kisses and all the things it has in store, visit its website at

Curse & Kisses
Curse & Kisses