Originally from Southend in Essex, Richard Lewington worked as a music journalist in the south of England before moving to Spain in 2007 to apply his know-how in nightclub marketing management and music journalism in Tenerife. The following year, he moved to Madrid where he is now permanently based.

Whilst also covering the music industry as a contributing writer for MIXMAG, Don’t Stay In & InMadrid among others, Richard is also a hard working music producer signed to KPR Recordings with his own tracks and remixes available for purchase on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and many more!

Rapidly rising as one of the Britain’s hottest house and trance talents, Richard Lewington has taken clubs across the U.K. and Spain by storm, and is currently the resident DJ at London Style which takes place at Hoyo 19 in Madrid every Thursday night.

Richard’s new song ‘Falling’ will soon come out soon on KPR Recordings an en extended EP. The song has already been successfully produced in two versions, the original Trance mix and the AVIO Progressive House remix.

Richard Lewington’s style can be summed up in one word, simple. But simplicity doesn’t equal boring or non-creative, on the contrary, it makes the dancing experience that much more enjoyable. The original “Falling” is dreamy, hopeful and uplifting, with little jagged fragments of sound filled with surprises, hidden pieces of melody, rapturous breaks and dashes of rhythmic ecstasy. It will take you real close to a night out on the town, and even closer to dance-floor heaven.

Lewington’s songs have perfect build-up and direction, and aren’t too hectic, while the repetitive chords in the background, really get you into a TRANCE. The various versions of “Falling,” are dipped into huge washes of melody and killer beats. It’s terrific stuff throughout, you’ll be floating as the trance revolution peaks right here.

This music is good for relaxing or dancing; whichever suites you the most, and would please anybody. If you’re a dancing fan, you’d definitely prefer Richard Lewington’s music to function as your dance tunes. But you can also listen to this in the car or even at work. I recommend that anybody who loves Trance, House or EDM in general, to buy “Falling.” It is another great body of work by DJ Richard Lewington!

Dj Richard Lewington
Dj Richard Lewington