Malcolm G (MLCM) and CashaNova (Nova) make-up the swaggering hiphop due MLCM x NOVA, who have just released their brand new album, “The New King.” Straight off, this is definitely one of my favorite hiphop albums of late. Unlike most other rap albums, this one is solid start to finish. No crap, just straight up real beats and lyrics. These dudes are a pair of the smoothest rappers around and this album only proves their dedication and heart for the art of rap. They have the golden touch. Tasteful samples and killer beats with a real live sounding rhythm section. They deliver a selection of 15 tracks that will stay at the top of my collection for a while to come yet. MLCM x NOVA are the illist, by far. They have a formula that is fresher, newer and somewhat wiser than the rest.

“The New King,” is a perfect representation of conscious rhymes over dope beats. I don’t actually think it’s possible to make a flawless album, because no matter how good you do, there always has to be something you could have done better, but this is as close to flawless as it gets.

MLCM x NOVA aren’t about Top 20 beats. They mix old-school with cool new sounds. Their beats are simple, but really very detailed, with everything carefully produced and hooks expertly executed. What they do is record a beat, loop and hook that sets the exact right tone for the lyrics. Once again, it sounds simple, but there’s a very distinct, carefully designed tone for each track. Their collaborations too, from Eaze to Stefano Moses, have all just the right effect.

This is one of those albums that you throw in and just let ride. No need to skip tracks. What’s the last album you could actually say that about? “The New King,” is an excellent hip hop album all around. The duo created an album that, while shifting between dozens of moods, and concepts, is as cohesive as anything I’ve heard recently.

There’s fifteen tracks on this album, and I can say without hesitation that each track is gold; something I don’t believe I’ve ever been able to say about an album with such a long track-list. There isn’t a single misstep taken by either MLCM or NOVA, and no track overshadows the next, or falls below the standard set by the previous track; this is not just consistently dope, but as unblemished as a hip-hop album can essentially be.

My personal favorite tracks are “GGM,” “Fallen Star,” “O’Noe,” “Bowtie Villians,” “Miyagi II,” “Goin’ Off” and “Surrender.” But all of the tracks on this album confirm that MLCM and NOVA are both at the height of their skills, elevating themselves above what is expected of them.

I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment, in getting the Kings Legacy Inc. release by MLCM x NOVA, “The New King” (Explicit Content).

"The New King"
“The New King”