A couple of months ago we reviewed and praised the great mix of Country Rock, Bluegrass and Straight Rock, from Fullerton CA’s Jagermeister Sponsored band, Post Trauma. Now the boys are back with the brand new video release for the song “I’m That Guy,” from their latest album, “Sleepless.”

This song’s really cute! It’s a tongue-in-cheek tribute to all of those boys in the band out there. Post Trauma lay it on the line in a fun way, telling all the girls what its like to fall in love with “a guy in a band.” Grab a taste of the devilishly naughty lyrics. The first verse and chorus goes something like this:

“If you’re looking for a family
Girl, that ain’t me
If you’re looking just to settle down
Hun, you’re barking up the wrong tree
If you’re looking for a house with a picket fence
a SUV and a couple of kids
It’s better if i introduce you to one of my friends
‘Cause I’m the guy your momma told you about
The one that wants the milk, but not the whole cow
I’m the guy they warned you of
The one that wants your body, but not your love
But if you want to go out with a guy in a band
and if you want to do it in the back of the van
and get drunk, get high all of the time
Like everyday was Saturday night
Oh yea, honey I’m that guy…”

With every new release, its is always a step forward for the members of Post Trauma, and never a step backward. Here on “I’m That Guy,” the band display their ease with constructing a hand-clapping jukebox hit. This is catchy country-pop music that gets feet tappin’ and voices singin’ along; it’s music that provides a happy melody to the lives of their fans and casual listeners alike. Yet once again proving, that whether it’s songs about having a good time, long lost love, suffering or faith, Post Trauma know how to provide music for any occasion. They’re probably one of the most versatile and talented indie bands in country-rock music today! What is really propelling these guys to the top, though, is their ability to write and choose songs that really speak to everyone.

On closing, Id’ just like to state, that its obvious the boys like performing on video, as much as they enjoy making music. On “I’m That Guy,” Billy Ulrich, Joey Gnoffo, Sean Boddy and Kenny Ulrich seem to be having one hell of time!

In fact…too much of a good time. So my advice would be; “Fathers, lock your daughters away…unless of course, you don’t mind them being in a back of a van on a Saturday night, with Post Trauma.”

I will remind you however, that these guys only want the milk and not the whole cow, and to make matters even worse, they are…”SLEEPLESS.”

Guess whose gonna be up all night!