Shambala (‘the source of happiness’) were formed five years ago by singer Tony Sweet and guitarist Flavio Arcerito. The two were later joined by Venetian bass player, Filippo Polesel, and a female drummer, in the person of Milene Latertre.

Indie pop-rock band Shambala, have released their brand new Ep, “Elements,” which we promptly received a copy of, and right from the first track, “Stage Is Mine (Tonight),” the band play an unusual brand of pop music mixed with indie rock and Brit-pop. In fact creative flavors of the late 60’s and early 70’s psychedelic sound, incorporated into modern alternative rock sounds, run deep throughout the Ep.

The second track, “Angel Of Summertime” is an absolute highlight. It’s just so soothing, with an amazing slinky beat and vocal harmonies that makes you sit back and sigh. The best way to experience this song is to just chill-out and breathe it all in. Your troubles will seem so far and remote, just kinda floating somewhere, because all you can concentrate on is the pure pleasure and intensity of this song’s musical arrangement and tight execution.

Moving on, you’ll come across “Forever Moon” and “Ready To Fly,” both of which could so easily have found a place on the Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. These guys (and a girl) obviously know their song-craft extremely well, with each track taking on its very own distinct and nostalgic sound, by virtue of the diverse sonic textures they create and mix with absolute ease. Ultimately they have found a way of combining classic old school pop melodies, with modern musical technology, to create a fresh and new, pop sound.

“Elements,” resonates with honesty and purity. It sounds as if the band are having a great time coming up with new sounds and cool organic hooks, influenced from the past. The guitar sounds are earthy and sparkling, with some really tasteful solos in between. The drums are always solid yet understated and never overbearing. The bass-lines are clean and tight, with delicate keyboard and string interludes, veering across the sound spectrum. Tony Sweet’s vocals are steered right up front, clear as crystal, embellished by the sweetest harmonies you’re likely to have heard on any indie pop album this year. You can tell “Elements” is really something special after just one listen.

If you have any interest in real music with heart, it’s hard to believe that you will not fall in love with Shambala. You can do absolutely no wrong by picking up “Elements.” So stop reading this and go buy the thing!

“Elements” – The new album by SHAMBALA