21 year old Valdrin Lamont hails from the city of Columbus, Ga and started rapping at the age of 12. With tracks like “Too DOPE” and “Fire” he displays his smooth “lover boy” swagger and hard hitting lyrics. He is looking to take the rap game by force, once he has inked the right deal.

If you are already a fan of Valdrin Lamont, you will no doubt love “Fire (Your Every Desire)” Prod. by Nova . If you haven’t heard any of his music, but you enjoy smooth rap with a cool, fluid flow, you will most likely enjoy this single. Valdrin’s words and delivery are definitely inspired and he doesn’t miss a step here.

At 21, Valdrin Lamont’s talent is already translucent and crystal clear like glass so you can immediately see and hear into his heart and everything he says and is about. Valdrin is a screen for a new vision, and also a reflective mirror to us. He leaves nothing out of his music and lets you know his life and the people he shares it with. He and NOVA also do an absolutely great job, backing Valdrin’s style with an amazing beat and ridiculously perfect music, both in tempo and tone.

Valdrin Lamont, on “Fire (Your Every Desire)” Prod. by Nova comes across as an articulate and introspective emcee with a very appealing personality. For a relatively unknown name in the business, Valdrin is surefooted, and has a powerful sound and a strong production to accompany his deep rhymes.

Give the kid a listen, he keeps it straight and simple, cutting out all the pretentious nonsense and unlistenable garbage, associated with recent mainstream hiphop releases.