Every artist ultimately wants to have control over their own career. Let’s face it though, as artists, we also ultimately have to admit that we can’t do it all. The problem is, it’s a tough world out there in the land of the Indie Music Business, and while words like “manager”, “agent”, and “label” may sound dazzling and professional, most times they can also be antagonistic to what we want or need for our careers. Thus we find ourselves part of the ever-growing horde of independent artists who need to do it all, without a full time staff. So besides writing and performing music we need to search and obtain essential services like; Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Radio Play and DJ Exposure, Video Promotion and Cover Artwork Creators. So just where do you find the time to handle all of this work? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could find these services with just one click? Well, now you can!

Kazion Beatz offers a full range of services for indie artists who are looking to take their career to the next level. There carefully structured campaigns are designed to saturate DJ, Radio and other media outlets, getting you the most exposure across all landscapes. They’ll also mix and master your music, as well as provide you cover artwork. And if you need your video promoted across the board, they’ll do that too!

The cherry on top and best of all yet, is that Kazion Beatz provides the most amazing beats on the market, having already made an impact on the Sample Pack business in a very short amount of time. They give their customers a professional and solid selection of music genres to choose from, consider that some of their producers have worked with the biggest names in music, including Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Twisted Black, Omarion, Erykah Badu, Marc Anthony, GS Boyz, Ne-Yo, Omarion, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Dr. Dre, Kirk Franklin, Wayman Tisdale, and many others.

So if you would like to gain true mainstream exposure and take the next step to propelling your music career. Get serious and start seeing real results with Kazion Beatz, who can help you get there. Here follows a checklist of their packages, which are accessible to independent artists and affordable for just about every budget.


BEATS – Kazion Beatz cover a multitude of genres, constantly pushing forward with an ever growing catalogue of Dirty South, Hip Hop, RnB, Urban, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, and Electronic titles, so keep checking frequently to find the latest releases. Products are usually added 2-3 times per week.

MIXTAPE COVERS – Kazion Beatz deliver a variety of cover artwork samples, just hop over to the website and pick your style.

SINGLE/ VIDEO PROMO –  Kazion Beatz will distribute your mixtape or single to 50,000 Radio Stations, Websites, Newspapers, Cable/Television.

MIXING AND MASTERING – Kazion Beatz will professionally mix and master your tracks.

SINGLE/DJ PACK – Kazion Beatz will place your new Single/DJ Pack in a DJ Pool that covers over 177,000 DJs, in 150+ countries.

RADIO AIRPLAY – Kazion Beatz offer radio airplay to independent and major artist on FM (BDS & Mediabase Monitored), Sirius Satellite, College, Yahoo, MTV, Music Choice, VH1, Shoutcast, Aol, Europe, UK, Canada and China Radio. Their team networks with Program Directors, Station Managers, DJ’s & radio affiliates to achieve national radio airplay, charting, world tours and exposure! In addition, they add each track for digital accessibility and review by thousands of radio stations.

So at this point it’s clear, once you’ve made the music. Your next decision is to evaluate the company that will do an efficient job of getting your music to the people who matter at a price you believe is reasonable. The internet has made it possible for any indie artist to put their music out there to be found, which brings us to the major problem: To be found, you not only need artistic talent but a degree of technical acumen in how to expertly use multiple social media websites and music platforms, and the majority of artists do not. This is where Kazion Beatz come in…all it takes is one click!