“I haven’t got much to say for my biography. I’m nobody. Both my parents passed away, and I was tossed around the country. I am happy today and hopeful that word spreads to others, of positivity. While some people want money and fame, I have a dream to spread peace and tranquility. I am striving and working towards any opportunities to successfully fulfill my dream.” These are the autobiographical words found describing the artist known as Nobody.

These words may appear as being very few, but in reality they say very much about Nobody. As does his songs, which speak mostly of life, love, peace and hope. These universal and uplifting themes are sometimes specifically used by other rap artists, on the lookout for some quick appreciation. Instead, Nobody comes across as genuine and authentic in his quest to really achieve these values, through his dedicated verses.

Nobody’s, socially conscious rap songs, contain positive, uplifting messages, and are often delivered over catchy, ear-grabbing beats. He dissects the attitudes and ideals, propagated in mainstream cultures, and even tackles political themes, as they too are more often than not, causes of social turmoil.

Nobody’s approach is not without its limitations. Since socially conscious music, is still not wholly accepted by mass radio, conscious rappers are generally less able to compete with their mainstream counterparts when trying to reach the public or gain major sales. However since Nobody has already stated that he is not searching for money nor fame, for him, these can no longer be considered limitations, but rather minor impediments in reaching out to a larger audience.

If you’re looking for music that has good lyricism, production and positive, uplifting messages. Nobody brings all of this and more to the table. Check out his tracks “Listen,” “Let Go” and “Candescent,” to better appreciate his insightful and heart-felt interpretations, which will leave you feeling genuinely emotional.

Amongst those that listened to Nobody with me, I haven’t found anyone who didn’t like this music, and for that matter, I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone who would. Even if you’re not a rap addict, you’ll like these tracks, which are also available for viewing on Youtube.

With messages everyone can relate to, a laid-back flow that can pull off surprisingly emotional performances, and some great beat productions, Nobody outshines many mainstream albums currently available on the market.





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