To have a clearer idea of what Trent Holloway is on about, just read how he describes his music: “It’s like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dwight Yoakam had a baby, and then Hank Williams, Jr. and Van Halen had a baby. And those two babies grew up and had a baby. And Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Charlie Daniels took turns kicking that baby’s @$$ while Billy Joe Shaver and John Prine watched and played poker. Now write all that into a Steve Earle song, and that’s pretty much what my music is.”

Trent’s album “Tonky Honk” is very solid, and it features a wide variety of great country music. There is a good amount of classic light humor and some serious stuff too. The album starts out with an almost Bon Jovi  “Wanted Dead or Alive” type tune, entitled “Reach For The Sky”, and ends with “Banty Rooster” a guitar laden instrumental driven by an upbeat barnyard jive.

Scattered between are 13 other songs, including gems like, “Rosie”, “Tonky Honk”, “Workin’ Man” and “Superman Where Are You Now”. “I Gave Up On Nashville”, is one of the best songs on the album, it’s quite catchy, and has very strong lyrics that will make you think about the music game. “No Fair” slows down the tempo a bit so you can catch your breath, while “Where I Can Be A Cowboy”, is a country boy’s personal tongue-in-cheek vision of the big city life.

One of my personal favorites on the album is “Willie”, which is an extremely powerful song. It’s a nice traditional sounding tune, with a straight forward, energetic production that grits right down to the bone. The song is very well written, and if you listen closely to the lyrics, it deals out a very important life lesson. Overall, this album has a little something for everyone.

I’ll be the first to say that I am no country music expert, but Trent Holloway is one of those artists that makes me want to embrace more country music than I do. He is a creative artist with a knack for humor who conveys well within his lyrics. Trent has songs that touch your heart, songs that make you laugh, and songs that make you think.

Basically the album rocks, it swings, and it tries to look deeper than the surface; at society, at emotions, at relationships, and it does so with a minimum amount of clichés. Trent Holloway is a talented country singer-songwriter. His voice is perfect for his music style, which ranges from traditional country to country/rock, and just about everyone can relate to his songs.

Who says country has to be all sad-sack sappy about getting drunk and losing your woman? Trent Holloway follows the road taken by giants before, like Garth Brooks, and makes country fun again. Trent is witty, funny, and contemporary, and “Tonky Honk” is a real country treat.