Jay Chris is a bilingual recording artist, producer, and songwriter. His distinctive style and crossover appeal characterized by his ability to rap and sing in English and Spanish alike set him apart of the rest. Jay Chris’ music is known for incorporating fusions of many different musical genres in one, including Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, Reggaeton, Salsa and Merengue to name a few.

“Destined For Greatness,” is a seventeen-track album of Jay Chris’ collective crossover talents. Its turbo-charged sound roars with the down-and-dirty Latino rap style, Reggaeton, cultivated in the urban barrios of Puerto Rico and hip-hop crossover mixed with a variety of Latin musical flavors.

Jay Chris plays to his base with tracks that mostly stick to irresistibly bouncy rhythms and chest-thumping themes; sex, partying, barrio loyalty and, as the title suggests, sassy swaggering. He leaves no doubt that he has the skill and style to make him stand out from reggaeton and hiphop’s crowded ranks, delivering lines with a rat-a-tat torrent of syllables and street cadence. The album bursts with energy and will keep your head bobbing and your body moving. It doesn’t matter whether you speak Spanish or not, it’s the rhythms that will entice you and invite you to move.

Jay Chris has a dynamic voice and flow that seems to rise above the rest. Although he handles a solid amount of Reggaeton, he is more of a crossover innovator and a versatile Urban Latin artist. Chris is also a top-flight rapper who can hold his own with anyone in terms of flow, and he pays particular attention to melody, harmony, and the beats.

From beginning to end the talents of Jay Chris are clearly present. Every track has something that helps it stand out, making this an album that can be left on without the need to skip anything on it. However there are a couple of my personal favorites that would sizzle on radio, and had my ears pricked up: “Turn It Up,” “Vuelve,” “Make It Hot,” “Full Throttle,” “Girl You Turn Me On,” and “Sube La Presion.”

On “Destined For Greatness,” Jay Chris shows that he’s up to the game, and not afraid to work through all genres from Hiphop, Pop, and Reggaeton to Electronic dance – all with a splash of that latin flavor. He’s got the art and the talent to create good, awesome music.

If you want good beats, lyrics and vocals, this is the album to get. From road trips, to house parties, and clubs, “Destined For Greatness” will be the definite example of good, Latin flavored urban music, made perfect.

Get it, don’t think about it, just get it.