Stay positive with +Elijah- and the Band of Light. This musical project based in Hawaii is described as a man, a band, and a musical movement. Elijah Ray is the man behind the band; as the founder and co-creator of the Band of Light, Ray creates music described as ‘soul shine.’ This brand of music is a “delicious blend of soul, world, funk, gospel, reggae, folk, hip hop,” and more. How could a band seriously create this much music? Take a listen to the new album, titled Arrival, and discover this rich blend of genres.

Arrival is an uplifting album that focuses on good vibes and coming together to create a positive atmosphere. In the words of Ray, “If you are awake, alive, and breathing, you are in the band.” Each and every track that is included on the thirteen-track album is straight from the heart and soul. With the help of many rotating band members, Arrival came to be, through dedicated musicians and supportive fans.

Just about every song features funky twisting rhythms, great guitar melodies, and sing-along lyrics. The opening song, “I Love Being Here,” introduces the listener to the positive attitude of the Band of Light and sets the table for what’s to come. “Wake Up” is one of the best ‘positivity’ tunes on the album, as it is a song that expresses a great cause: waking up the human race. “Yestiny” features an array interesting instruments and sounds that aren’t commonly used in pop music these days. As described earlier, a blend of soul and worldly music creates the sound of the Band of Light, but ultimately its Ray’s impressive vocal range and creative melodic voice that reaches the hearts of fans.

Elijah Ray expresses himself through the Band of Light by showing his compassion and love for his culture and the cultures of the people who share our planet Earth. After over twelve years of producing and touring, Ray has created his own force of music. Although he is unsigned and relatively undiscovered, it is clear that Ray puts his heart right into the center of his music and strives to spread his positivity with the rest of the world. Arrival hosts 13-tracks that twist, wind, and soar, in around and above the soul. Note after note, you will be drawn into a colorful whirlpool of emotions that is hard to resist.

Become one with yourself by listening to Arrival by +Elijah- and the Band of Light. You won’t feel a negative bone in your body after hearing all thirteen tracks of Ray’s infectiously spirited music. Supporting worldly music like that of the Band of Light makes a difference for not only the artist but for every single person who is waiting to hear and discover positive and uplifting sounds. What are you waiting for? A world of bliss and happiness awaits you in Arrival.



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