Has your planet Earth ever inspired your music? Ryan Anthony can agree. Anthony is a chill-out artist from the United Kingdom. He’s been producing music for quite a while in his small studio in Wales. Previously known as Risey, Anthony has been playing the piano since the mere age of eleven, giving him the skills needed to produce his desired genre of music that he creates today. After being signed to Alter Ego Records in the UK, Ryan Anthony is taking over the chill-out genre by storm.

Anthony’s latest track, “Lost Inside My World,” depicts an alternate universe that is more relaxing and tranquil to say the least. Simplicity is essential to Anthony’s music; the beautiful and inspiring feeling of the track, reel listeners into the essence of the song easily. With a haunting piano tune, dream-like beats, and the gorgeous vocals by Danny Claire, this track is sure to set your mind free. It is as smooth as a brush of velvet.

There are a myriad of ways to listen to this track: during meditation, relaxation, or simply when you want to take your mind off of things for once. So for those who need to take a load off, press play and you will instantly feel at ease. The chill-out genre is meant for every kind of listener. Ryan Anthony executes this style of music very well due to his understanding of achieving tranquility through sound. His mixes soothe the soul like a tall glass of iced tea in the middle of the hottest summer.

What can you expect from Ryan Anthony in the future? Look out for his upcoming track “Fly Away.” Fans are waiting patiently for the release of this song, one that is slated to be a drum and bass hit. Anthony’s listeners are seen commenting on his latest track with high hopes of hearing “Fly Away” very soon.

“Lost Inside My World” is surely a wonderful track that brings on a wave of ease. Like the sound of the ocean or the wind blowing swiftly, this is a song that will take your breath away. Be on the lookout for “Fly Away” in the coming weeks; Ryan Anthony will not disappoint.



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