The American Pioneer Singers create folk and traditional music about none other than the beautiful country of America. Here the band has created concept music on the bitter election campaign between George McClellan and Abraham Lincoln.

Before you scratch your head out of confusion, understand where these guys come from. Take yourself backwards in time to the year 1864. “During the tense time of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was facing his opponent George McClellan in a very tight stand-off. For each man, generating enthusiasm was a critical component to victory.” Now for the first time in 150 years, authentic campaign songs are available for Americans to listen to, as performed by the American Pioneer Singers.

Although at first glimpse it may seem like the American Pioneer Singers are hopelessly stuck in the past, it soon becomes clear that their unique attempt to narrate a slice of history is nothing short of revolutionary. Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1864 features a plethora of tracks that discuss what was happening back then as well as the hardships that the Election of 1864 brought upon citizens and politicians alike. The album offers an accurate depiction of themes, language and sentiments of America at one of its most critical junctures. Except for a couple of edits the lyrics used in the songs are the original words of real voters from the 1864 Presidential campaign, one in which slavery and race were critical components.

Songs like “Shouting our Battle Cry McClellan” and “Rally Round Cause the Boys” aren’t the only ones with long and descriptive names; just about every track is titled this way. Each song is informative and will either bring you up or keep you right where you are, stuck in your tracks listening. The overall sound is obviously, overtly acoustic, with waves of harmonious vocals to carry across any intended emotions.

The American Pioneer Singers, craft varying levels of emotion on this album, with an almost meticulous musical sensibility. Lush choral singing, a Capella’s or even an isolated singular voice is often used to build up…or break down sentiments linked to historical facts.

Some lyrics and tracks may sound controversial upon the first listen. Depending on who you are and how familiar you are with American culture in the late 1800’s, this could either fly over your head or stick around your ears for a while. A parental advisory notification has been included on the album due to some explicit lyrics on three of the tracks, but do not be alarmed: recreating history also calls for recreating negative aspects of the time, not just the positive ones.

The American Pioneer Singers have also paid particular attention to information, concerning the songs they perform. In fact a background history for each track is published right on their website. So apart from the wholesome, acoustic-folk orientated music, if you need to brush up on your historical knowledge, take a look at the band’s website, to ensure that you’re in check.

As for the band itself, these guys are really doing something revolutionary. Their tracks may not make you want to jump up and dance, but they will most definitely grab your attention and hold your focus on songs delivered with extreme passion, precision and care.

The American Pioneer Singers have painstakingly puzzled together music and authentic background history, to allow you to appreciate the country and the unforgettable pieces of history these men have brought to the land of America.

The entire production is top notch and well worth the purchase.



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