Murky Red is a rock band formed in the autumn of 2010. The band delivers a blend of different rock styles, influenced by acts such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Fleetwood Mac, and Dire Straits.

Murky Red is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Stef Flaming, bassist Tom Kockelmans, guitarist Patrick Dujardin, drummer Joery Masson, percussionist/vocalist Marie Vancamp and keys/vocalist Yolanda Flaming.

In February 2012 Murky Red signed with the record label Melodic Revolution Records, based in Orlando, Florida, USA and released their debut cd ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ on the 27th of November 2012.

This year Murky Red published the video of “Black Beast Rising”, a track from their debut album, on Youtube.  Considering all their influences, Murky Red wisely focuses on their strengths and passion: the music. From the chilling instrumental opening, to the glorious raging darkness of the closing bars, “Black Beast Rising” presents the band is in all its musical glory.

The song has a dark haunting quality to it, moving through several interesting parts that never sound dull or forced. The beauty of this band’s sound is that it’s very visual and evocative. In particular the second half, is one phenomenal stretch of spine-tingling music. Keyboards, drums, bass, and guitars blend wonderfully to create beautiful soundscapes – and Stef Flaming’s spectacular guitar solo cries, whispers and howls throughout the entire journey.

I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan since the 1970’s, and have amassed a huge collection of their music. Murky Red pulls off a stunning ensemble of sound, complimented with awesome guitar solos, good lyrics, and an overall theme that you would expect to come from none other than Pink Floyd themselves. “Black Beast Rising”, is one of Murky Red’s very best tracks: incredibly tight, incredibly slick, with a beautiful melody that is alternately soaring and wistful.

Murky Red’s album, ‘Time Doesn’t Matter’ also showcases the band’s other rock and blues influences, but it is without a doubt the Floydian tracks like “Galadriel”, “Cold Outside”, “Saturn”, “Boots For Hire”, “Heal My Bleeding Heart” and “Black Beast Rising” that seizes your attention.

If you even have a marginal interest in guitars, this is the album for you. Stef Flaming’s guitar soars like a phoenix and is undeniably powerful at times. Some of the best solo tones I’ve ever heard are present on this album, especially on “Heal My Bleeding Heart” and “I Pay The Devil”.

However regardless of whether this band resembles Pink Floyd or not, Murky Red is smooth and powerful on its own. Their music is understated and structured, yet it reaches deep, synchronizing with the inner vibrations of the listener’s spirit, which together with their richness of sound, will lift your soul to higher places.



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