Identical twin brothers Kay & Kai better known as the 2k Boyz are back with a brand new single titled, “Rest In Peace”.  The Stamford, CT representatives who perform in and around Connecticut, are continually working their game and sticking closely to the motto that has accompanied their musical evolution ever since the start of their careers, which reads:  “Never settle for less and you’re that closer to your own success.”

This is how it’s supposed to be done; a hip-hop single, with universal appeal. By that I mean the hip-hop universe. The 2k Boyz have taken the vanguard ushering in a style of hypnotically seductive beats laced with a smooth intricate rhyme style.

Kay & Kai are one of the best indie rap duos around and their single, “Rest In Peace” shows why. For starters, on every track that they rap on, they kill it. They showcase lyrics that not only have incredibly complex rhyme schemes, but also make sense to whatever they’re saying. Meaning they don’t throw in words just to sound good, they do it because it fits with what they are saying. They also have such a great flow that whatever they rap sounds natural to them.

I don’t want to be one of those old school whiners who complain how everything these days is rubbish, but upon listening to this I have to say that, this is how it should be done. The 2k Boyz are opening some innovative doors with this one.

I’ve listened to this single countless times, and there is no substitute for innovation and versatility. Kay & Kai’s lucidity is striking, and a good indication of why they do not need overproduced backing beats, as so many rappers today do. An intense lack of poetic flow is hard to cover up, despite how many nude women are in your videos or how elaborate the music may sound.

To keep it short, “Rest In Peace” represents what hip hop is supposed to be. The lyrics, the production and the feeling is all there. The 2k Boyz deliver without bragging and boasting and simply show true skills on the mic. They have an uncanny way of making a great deal of the today’s over-produced music, seem excessive, cluttered, and ultimately lacking in what really matters – skills.