Chad Gerber (aka woodrowgerber) is an American guitarist/songwriter/producer/composer/vocalist from Los Angeles, CA who has released several studio albums under different bands, labels, and project titles since 1998. Chad has toured the US extensively since 2000, performed on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion live to 5 million + listeners, toured with the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, worked with multiplatinum selling artist Aloe Blacc, producer Aaron Marsh, Guns N’ Roses alumni Teddy Andreadis, along with many other talented musicians and artists. His music receives radio airplay in the US, UK, AU, and South America. woodrowgerber’s newest release “InThe Beginning” will incorporate high quality short films and videos scored by woodrowgerber and or using music from the new record.

“In the Beginning” is the culmination of 10 years of experimenting with sounds, song writing structures, and melodies as woodrowgerber performed, recorded, and toured the country with his other musical projects.

Being somewhat of an outcast among both old school musicians, who regard the digital realm as not being “real” music, and digital producers who regard the old school instruments as archaic, woodrowgerber set out to make “In the Beginning”, with no rules. The songwriting and production process involved trying whatever techniques he once deemed taboo, and working with them to make music that moves the soul and invokes dreams of the mind.

Chad Gerber aka woodrowgerber, is a fascinating individual. I was kind of blown away with his honesty both in the conception and the description of his music. One of the things that are easy to overlook on this album is the striking contrast between the sound and the lyrics: the tempo is varying, the sound is electro-rock to electro-anything, the hooks massive – but underneath it all, the lyrics are constantly stark, dark and deep. “In the Beginning”, sounds like an embodiment of woodrowgerber’s own self-described personal experiences.

Gerber injects layers of sound that elevate woodrowgerber beyond the standard fare you’re likely to hear on MTV. Listening to “InThe Beginning”, I hear an almost impossible and eclectic mix, made up of classic Gary Newman, Peter Gabriel, The Muse and M83. Bottom line: woodrowgerber is simply incredible. And this album is simply incredible too!

Twelve tracks, of which I was most impressed with, “lights in the sky”, “what made us great”, “don’t you worry about me”, “monsters”, “narcissistic”, “heart on my hands”, “fools rejoice”, “not gonna lie” and “where I was”. The undeniable atmosphere and intensity of the last 3 tracks, will rival any back-to-back triple shot you’ll ever hear on any synth album this year. It is the perfect coda to an album that is a fusion of lyrical ambivalence and musical transcendence.

I knew from the first 45 seconds that this album was going to be amazing. “not gonna lie” is my current obsession, I just can’t stop listening to it. That being said, “In The Beginning”, does not disappoint from any viewpoint.  You get that feeling at the end of every song like you’re sorry that it’s ending, but then the next song starts, and it’s so good you move on and just keep enjoying the music.  I can truly say that Chad Gerber aka woodrowgerber has produced a musically beautiful album; which was well worth the ten year wait!



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