BRNX is a producer from London, England. Some people call him by the letters b, r, n, x but we know him as Bronx. His music is a combination of Electro, Deep-house and Minimal with a bit of Garage thrown in. As a producer he is in a class of his own, his mixing skills are sublime and the unique sound he creates sets him apart from the norm. His stand out new single Slayer is an amazing piece of Electro and shows just how fresh he really is. More releases will be out soon via Hurtz Recordings soon.

Hurtz Recordings, with a philosophy rooted in Electro and House music, is an Independent Dance Label with a base in London and Berlin – specializing in producing the best in Electronic music from across Europe.

BRNX warms you up and gets you going on the floor so your feet start going with that “good feeling”. No matter what genre of music you listen to, once you hear Slayer you’ll want to do some crazy stuff. The mix of a tasty electronic beats with a catchy melody will just grabbed you and lift you up. You can’t stop listening to this song. BRNX has outdone himself. This single will have you hooked. Just the melody of the song makes you want to keep listening to it. This was my first time listening to BRNX, and I was very impressed. It is flat out amazing.

With a pulse pounding beat that will make you want to listen to it over and over again, the song is upbeat yet soothing, and hits all the right notes to unwind you totally. BRNX brings a lot to the table, but his technique is solid, and the music itself is at times epic, at other times soulful and inspiring. Superb in all respects, it really surpassed my expectations. The more you listen to Slayer the more you’ll like it, but even the first time is great!

Cool, smooth, silky, catchy, hypnotic, and languid are all words which pretty much sum up this delightful single! It is all together relaxing and uplifting yet focused, tight, and intense. The bass line, the ambience, the phasing, and the effects: it’s all too good to be true. The production style is so clean that I cannot even elaborate. You simply must hear it. It’s perfect.

If you have a taste for a cohesive, well thought out, and infectious electro track, then listen to Slayer by BRNX!





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