Elephant 12 originate in the depths of London,England. The three piece, known for their highly energetic performances and quirky fusion of unapologetic punk rock laced with a magnetic electro bass lines. Quickly becoming the talk of the town and already generating industry buzz, having been praised by the likes of legendary Canadian broadcaster Alan Cross and BBC Introducing for their refreshing approach. Elephant 12 have landed profile venues in London, England, NYC, Toronto as well showcasing at the 2013 unofficial SXSW Conference and 2013 Canadian Music Week.

 The new Elephant 12 EP ‘Sold Out’ seems to be a fitting title due to the vast downloads in it’s first week of release. The band consists of Robbie, Andy and Thelonious Jones sharing various duties on Drum Machines, Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Vocal.

‘Sold Out’ is a simmering symphonic punk-rock tapestry that expands the band’s sound into unexplored territory. It’s also electronic in nature, but the core of the band still lies in their magnificent, crunching rock n’ roll arrangements.

The Ep opens with a ripping drum beat, which blooms out into shimmering guitar riffs and lots of vocal chants and harmonies. That sound only grows as the bustling arrangement of “I Love Knock On Wood” runs it’s course. “Shut Up” and “Imma Gonna Love You” heads towards even more rock-driven territory, where rap meets guitar solos and vibrant electronic bass sounds.

Proving yet again that the heart of Elephant 12 is totally rock-driven, where they specialize in walls of embroidered sound, like elaborate rock tapestries. On “Renegade” and “Turn Me Up”, quite possibly the best tracks on the EP, they play a complex rock that sweeps all over the board. With explosive bass-laden and fast-paced guitar stems, that rock and scream, while the vocals lay down some of the most powerful and catchiest hooks around.

This is some of the most original, creative rock music out there on the scene today. The music pulls from so many different influences. You can hear touches of pop, punk, alternative rock plus industrial and techno bass styles. The result is an amazing product with something huge to offer.

On the whole, the sound is incredibly dynamic, while the music is tinged with electronic garnishes of color. The thick arrangements are so well put together that every instrument fits into it like a piece of a complicated puzzle. Each song is fully capable of standing on its own merit, but they are transcendental when taken together.

These guys can spark so many emotions in you while at the same time they know how to entertain you. To say that Elephant 12 have can be classified into any one genre would be pretty stupid. This is the sound of a progressive band who knows what needs to be trimmed and what enhances their unique sound.

“Sold Out” is an amazing modern-rock Ep, and a wonderful addition to Elephant 12’s diverse catalog of exciting music!



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