Wubbles is the name for new producer Jim Dwyer coming from New Jersey and throwing some hot club bangers down on the east coast coming from nowhere. According to Jim Dwyer, Wubbles is his new guise for channeling his musical energy into what he calls ‘minimalist dubby wubby songs’!

This certainly is some of the best melodic Dubstep I’ve ever heard. With constant melodies submerged in raw basslines on tracks like “Mind Loops ,” “Mindfulness ,” and “The Power Of The Mind (Wubbles Vs Haunted Bass)”, the Wubbles catalog delivers nothing but awesome. He also instigates some electro nostalgia with tracks like ” Down The Block ” and dabbles in Bass, with ” Fall From Grace (Dankles Exclusive) [FREE DL].”

Besides the heavy pounding Dubstep melodies with numerous tracks, Wubbles also shines through with an older track Summertime (Wubbles Remix) and it’s damn near perfection.The electronic nomad Jim Dwyer, now better known as Wubbles , has succeeded in creating an eclectic and diverse collection of tunes, that within minutes has you unintentionally bobbing your head in appreciation. However he provides you with something more than just your typical Dubstep music. Wubbles explores all facets of electronic music mixed with hard-hitting Dubstep beats.

For those not familiar with the Dubstep genre, it is a type of electronic dance music that originated in London, England. Dubstep music is most associated with prodigious bass lines, reverberant drum patterns and clipped samples and is often, but not always combined with vocals. A common characteristic of Dubstep is the wobble bass, which makes quite a few appearances in the Wubbles catalog. It can be described as an extended bass note that is manipulated rhythmically and is typically produced by using a low frequency oscillator (an electronic signal that creates rhythmic pulses or sweep that are used to modulate synthesizers) to manipulate various parameters of a synthesizer (including volume, distortion and filter cutoff).

However, Wubbles is not solely a Dubstep musician, though this style is often present in his tracks. His songs use various techniques of composition, whether it is a shift in meter and timings or enveloping a unique multiplicity of layers of synthesized harmonies, and singers as on Glitch Mob – Between Two Points Feat. Swan (Wubbles Remix) [FREE DL].

Another interesting factor of his music is the use of various tempos that is captivating to listeners. Wubbles uses a wide-ranging scale of speeds, time signatures, and rhythms whereby he creates a mixture of many EDM sounds. Surprisingly enough, this does not cause his tracks to sound overwhelming and instead inspires the listeners’ motivation to listen to every song Wubbles creates.

Probably one of the best tracks I listened to, “Mindfulness ,” is a typical dubstep track with attractive bass lines and is reminiscent of the popular mainstream dubstep music we find playing in clubs. This was a great track to start off to enjoy the Wubbles sound with its robotic and pitched up voicing and an overall appealing mix of sounds that would interest fans of heavy Dubstep music.

Other tracks like “Heartbeat “and “Relax ” are slower songs, showing a quieter and softer side to electronica tracks with ambient tones mixed with calm clapping beats.

Overall, Wubbles presents a variety of songs that are not all similar in nature. He offers a collection of tracks that are representative of the signature trendy, bass-exploding, head-lolling hit sounds that make Dubstep so popular today, with its ominous synth-like melodies and lots of bass and wobble. If you are looking for some head nodding familiar sounds. Wubbles does what he does, very well, I would call him a craftsman, and his catalog of songs is a great representation of his craft.