Dubstep meets Pop meets Glitch – System Fade has combined some of today’s most popular electronic music genres into a style that is radio-friendly while still managing to stay true to the influences inherent to the new EDM movement. Standing at the forefront of the new electronic music standard, System Fade has established a significant following across the world. System Fade is an electronic music producer based out of New Port Richey, Florida.

System Fade recently released “Departure” as a follow up to the popular album “Spiral”. “Departure” contains 10-tracks of solid EDM, and is one of the most intriguing musical journeys one could ever undertake. The production is gloriously masterful, an extraordinary blend of diverse elements, impeccably woven into a profoundly fascinating sonic tapestry, that is an utterly divine experience to listen to. This music is an open challenge, beckoning you to rise limitlessly beyond what you thought was possible and simultaneously infuses you with all the vitality you’ll need to do so.

Justin Beck is a progressive thinker and his music should appeal to nearly everyone since it varies from melodic tunes to nasty bass-filled beats. He doesn’t adhere to rules, guidelines, or boundaries, delivering beautiful melodies, churning thick glitchy and throbbing bass-lines, with amazing vocals. EDM doesn’t get much better than this!

This is one of the most innovative electronic artists I have listened to recently. I listen to different types of music continuously, and found this album to be well-done indeed. Although highly electronic, it has an organic feel, melodic voice inclusions, and breathy keyboard sounds. I’ve heard other music in the same style often, but it was more like just cool sounds on a keyboard laid over a drum track. You can hear System Fade has taken time with the arrangements. This is not only beats and bass, but technically good orchestrations and harmonics too.

Beautiful, creative, and clean electronica, “Departure” will lift you to another place when you listen to it. And it takes several listens to completely feel the flow and depth of the album. If you like progressive, artfully put together, motivational mind moving music, then do not hesitate adding this album to your collection.

If you play electronic instruments yourself, you’ll know that the hard thing to do is put expression and emotion into your music. Justin Beck shows you that it is possible. The synth sounds are gritty and textured and each track is layered with interesting rhythms and effects. Of the ten tracks, my favorites without a doubt are, “Here We Go Again”,  “Something Between Us”, “Bliss”, “Diamond”, “Embrace”, “Departure” and “Curtains”.

This is the kind of music that will draw people out of a crowd when played in public, to ask who the artist is. It is clear that the future is bright for System Fade. If you like grooves that constantly change evolve and surprise you with new hooks and sweet vocals then this album is sure to please!

“Departure” is just enjoyable all the way around; great rhythms, cool sounds and a stellar production. I definitely will be looking out for more from System Fade!



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