Thomas J, formerly known as T-time Music, has just leaked the song, “My Magic” off his upcoming mixtape “Money Sex Religion” to be released 9/4/13 on DatPiff. And this single is nothing short of amazing. His flows actually ride the beats differently and perfectly, to each verse. Thomas J’s lyrics are also insane, both in content and in the way he rhymes his syllables.

Rappers are not supposed to get better over time. They either stay the same or get worse. Thomas J is getting better! This newest single shines the improvement of his flow and the slicing edge of his punch lines, and much the same can be said of his deliveries on “Control Remix” and “Gorgeous”.

This time around, we find Thomas J, more focused and determined in his rhyming than ever before. The production is also spectacular on this single; there are so many elements used, from synths to piano. Rap and hiphop isn’t just about a beat, it is about mood, and that mood can be captured in so many ways. Thomas J seems to have realized this and used it to his advantage in his latest beat choices.

“My Magic” is probably one of the better rap songs I’ve ever heard in recent weeks, and I literally get to hear hundreds! From the imagery intense chorus, to the tapestry of words (albeit a little explicit) Thomas J lays out in the verses, this track is pure fire.

Listening to it, you can hear how Thomas J is reaching out more to fans. Instead of falling into the overused Auto-Tune effects or recycled beats system, like so many of his contemporaries are doing, Thomas J turns a new page, letting “My Magic” rely totally on his flow. And it Works!

Obviously, it goes without saying that if you are offended by foul language and derogatory lyrics, you should avoid Thomas J completely. From my perspective, you have to know where Thomas J is coming from to grasp the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and be mature enough to process them correctly.

What will no doubt hook you though is how much raw emotion Thomas J packs into his songs. His tone reflects a sense of urgency that is raw and unmistakably genuine. Showing everything rap is and can be, in a brutally unapologetic way.

If you accept a product for what it is and not what you think it should be…Get ready for the mixtape, “Money Sex Religion”. It will definitely be worth your wait!

Thomas J
Thomas J


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