BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT the Italian music artist, composer and producer of electronically produced melodic music is back with a new release, after his last critically acclaimed single Nebula ft. Dax. BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT who has moved his style through Trance, Celtic and Gothic giving each piece a precise and specific nature, has this around produced an adult-orientated, alternative rock track, as opposed to the electro-rock of his previous single. Each musical piece, BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT composes, evolves from start to finish like a story, according to a strict melodic character.

Another Dimension has as its central theme, the story of ‘a noble knight who travels across dimensions to save a poor girl full of dreams and hopes.’ The track presents two versions, the original edit, and one featuring Dax, who also appeared on Nebula.

If nice chiming guitars, shimmery synths, fun lyrics and stomping beats are your thing, look no further than the duo’s debut Another Dimension. It will remind you a bit of alternative rock mixed with an 80’s sound.

The majority of works by BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT feels like a fantastic sonic journey. Even the unconventional Nebula and now Another Dimension, have a sonic force that pulls you in and throws you into the next chapter; each BCL song is completely unique from the others but still holds a cohesive bond. This new single has a nice dreamy relaxing sound.

BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT  project an image of being somehow unearthly and in Another Dimension produce a single which reflects this quality while also creating perfect pop and dance beats. Thus furthermore establishing their distinctive image and creating music which is unique and otherworldly, while still being consumable, enjoyable, and infectious.

Once again producer Giulio Nicolardi has done a perfect job. The new single is well produced while the melody and vocal styling is intricate enough to keep you listening intently. I can’t really think of a reason not to buy this single unless you’re simply someone who doesn’t enjoy supporting creativity.

After having heard most of BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT’s recent work, I was curious as to whether Another Dimension could hold up to Nebula and what passed before it. In many ways it has surpassed my expectations. I think this single takes a slightly different direction, being more mainstream and adult-orientated, but is just as enjoyable and consistent from start to finish as any of BCL’s previous releases.

Whimsical and powerful all in one; Another Dimension is the one single that absolutely needs to be blasted while driving. For me it is the perfect anytime music, I hope it becomes yours too. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be disappointed in the consistent work that BLUE ‘CHAOS’ LIGHT produces!

Producer: Giulio Nicolardi
Recorded: Dischordia Digital
Composed & Arranged: Giulio Nicolardi
Mixed & Mastered: Dario Rizzo
Art & Design: Andrea Alemanno
Lyrics: Giulio Nicolardi
Vocals: Dario Rizzo (Dax)



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