EL-JAY was born in Northridge, California. EL-JAY is the oldest of three children—a natural born leader. He is the son of multi-platinum artist, Rome, whose big hit was “I Belong to You”. Entertaining and music has always been present in El J’s life. He began to show an interest in entertainment and music at a very young age, even before watching his father “Rome”. EL-JAY taught himself how to dance at the tender age of five years old. Michael Jackson was a huge inspiration in EL-JAY’s life.

EL-JAY had the opportunity to sing on Rome’s independent album “To the Highest”, as well as appear in his dad’s “People of This World” video. He was also an actor and model at a very young age; and considers writer/director/producer Tyler Perry a huge motivation to his entertainment career.

EL-JAY has made several studio audience appearances on the popular NBC game show Minute to Win It.He has also made appearances in a couple of short films directed by Adam Paul Rodriguez. The progression of EL-JAY’s talents and abilities quickly landed him an appearance in several major Disney television shows: Sonny with a Chance, Hannah Montana, along with Zeek and Luther. 

The world now has the opportunity to hear EL-JAY’s third single, “Emergency” produced by The Exekutives.

EL-JAY  is a young artist working very hard at earning respect in the scene. And he is not only doing it well, but is doing it in an outstanding way. While the industry might be holding its collective breath waiting for the release of the the next best thing, some of us have gotten on with our lives. Of course the reason we fiend for EL-JAY  is because he doesn’t sound like your run-of-the-mill soul smoothie, and flashes of uniqueness are what keeps R&B fans up and listening. Enter singer EL-JAY , whose third effort “Emergency”, delivers hooks upon hooks, a catchy melody, and a sexy but low-key vibe, put together in a way that’s more than just retro-trendy. It is classy and idiosyncratic without being too artsy; a perfect listen if you need a break from all the preening and smoke blowing that’s far too common now.

What makes this single so strong are the lyrics and beat. Another detail about “Emergency”, is that EL-JAY uses great sentiment and the right notes to make the song sound emotional when he sings. This is a classic, one that you will feel compelled to pull out over and over. EL-JAY  does a fantastic job of telling us what he wants to bring to the world of music through this single.

Not too many young artists in the R&B scene can hold it down with so much soul, so much talent, and make it sound so simple and good. Paralleling on that, few young artists in the game can even come out with a single so hot, and sound so confident and assuring. Whether you’re riding with your dogs, sexing it with your lady, fighting for a love, or spitting game to a shorty at the club, “Emergency” is for you. It’s laid back, soulful, mellow and a pure musical track.

EL-JAY  is very talented and will be around for a while. He is right where he wants to be and I’ll be waiting for his next release.



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