A successful liquor store boss turned music entrepreneur from California, Alvin Shamoun, AKA Entre-P, exploded on the worldwide music scene in 2006 as Producer of TIMZ and the album, Open For Business. The critically acclaimed album, famous for its new style of “authentic hip hop” and world class music videos, shocked the globe and cemented the men from Babylon as a force on the entertainment scene. Open For Business achieved much success and won many awards.

Entre-P is a business savvy entrepreneur from San Diego, CA who was forced to help his father work ever since a young age. Although they were upper middle class, the family business was a liquor store located in a low income area of the city. This is where Entre-P hustled his way into owning his own businesses and eventually a worldwide known independent record label. Entre-P has seen and experienced more things than an average person will in a lifetime. These are his stories. C.E.O.G. is the official debut of Entre-P as an artist on his own label!

You wanna go cruising? Pop this in. You wanna get a party started? Pop this in. You wanna kick back and throw down some beers? Pop this in. This is a feel-good gangsta party album. Entre-P lays some of the tightest West Coast grooves ever heard.

Sweet vocals and deep beats dominate the day, and the result is a supremely bounceable feel. The bump-n-ride of C.E.O.G is excellent and is one of the memorable performances here. Entre-P loves rapping about power and respect, plus his sexual prowess. It’s fun, entertaining, and bumping. You couldn’t ask for a better album to get your boogie on with.

Entre-P is a very talented rap performer and producer who is best known for his production work for TIMZ, as well as songs for other well-known Bay Area rappers. He’s definitely a great producer, and while his beats are not the most complex, Entre-P has the invaluable ability to feel a great groove. Entre-P brand of hip hop is heavy on the groove, and his rolling bass, sparkly keyboards, and catchy instrumentals are sure to keep any listeners’ head bobbing within a hundred yard radius. C.E.O.G., showcases some of his top quality production. There are enough tight grooves here to make any listener happy. What I like about Entre-P’s grooves is how pure it is; it possesses none of that weird quality that much of Bay Area rap does.

Entre-P is a producer by trade and a rapper by circumstance, and plies both trades admirably. He tells tales of partying, sex, and regular West Coast gangsta-isms that boast flair and originality. What is so impressive about his work on this album is that it is obvious he wanted to create an awesome atmosphere in his sound to go with his rhymes, and he succeeds big time.

Storming in with fifteen tracks and features that include TIMZ, Josh Franks, Tronada Dee and DollaBillGates, Entre-P delivers spanking beats that whip to a deep bass lines and impressive rhyming, as you would expect from him.

Entre-P seems to have the magic touch for music. C.E.O.G., is no exception. It’s laced with some of the neatest beats ranging from the menacing, hard rolling beats of “Afterparty”, and “Customers” to relaxing and more upbeat “Babylon Two 1.” This album is perfect for blasting, while rolling with the top down and joy-riding with the homies.



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