With dirty guitar tones and screaming vocals, Brother Gruesome is a two-piece band re-addressing rock’s lost angst. The duo has a palpable synergy and passion in their live performance and recordings. Three years after Slanty Shanty records released the bands debut “Tape EP”,Brother Gruesome has moved over to Lackpro Records for their album Mutually Assured Destruction.

Casting aside the distraction of other projects, the two core members of Brother Gruesome, Todd Jackson on vocals and guitar, and Levi Watson on drums, put everything into completing this album. Todd stated, “We wanted to combine our love of hardcore and grunge along with our appreciation of melody and composition.”

From it’s creation, Brother Gruesome has waxed and waned from a five piece to a two piece always with Jackson and Watson staying steadfast. The five song EP released by Lackpro Records consists of tracks from the band’s nine song self released LP (of the same title) which will be available soon.

Anyone familiar Brother Gruesome should know exactly what to expect from this record- stunning percussion, deep bass, seething angular guitars, and topped off with a voice like a Todd Jackson’s. This is definitely the best thing Brother Gruesome has ever put out and anyone who is even a casual fan of any of the bands these guys have been involved with will certainly find something to like here.

Mutually Assured Destruction is heavy but experimental. It’s certainly not easy listening. It’s psychedelic, grungy and weird. The lyrics are disjointed and evocative and Todd Jackson’s voice is stronger than ever. Watson drives the music with his ferocious drumming while Jackson ‘s guitar fits in perfectly, heavy but without being too noisy.

This Ep is crushing in its pure intensity and hypnotic at the same time. I am convinced that anyone who is into aggressive music and has an open mind will see that this breaks new ground and sticks in your brain immediately.

Mutually Assured Destruction is a no holds barred aggro fest without the macho posturing. An Ep with many textures and details; on “Ex Oh Ex”, Todd’s voice seeps between two extremes while Levi’s drums are insanely loud and beat against your head. The music on “More Celebrities” is pounding, pulsing, and melodic in perfect combination. The low-end vocals with a screaming finish are a perfect complement to the minimal raw-edged sound on “Selective Amnesia”. This is truly a must-have for any fan of music just outside the box of the accepted alternative genre today.

Get ready for the next step forward, if not, get ready to be left behind. Mutually Assured Destruction is heavy hitting material and the uninitiated should be encouraged to embrace it. This unique combination of melodic brilliance and psychedelic heaviness is unique!