Elizabeth Green Townsend has been writing and singing for a long time, and started as a child in church. Elizabeth discovered her faith at a young age and says that the song “My King Jesus” is one of the songs the Lord gave her and which changed her life.

Lady Elizabeth goes further by saying: “ In the world in which we live they are finding fault with everything, from our government to the president. However now I know without a doubt why the Lord gave me this song and why he had me wait for years to release it. It is to bring hope and healing to many who are hurting and suffering in our world.” She continues: “I began my music career at the age of 28 and than at the age of 40 I lost my voice due to thyroid disease. I began caring for our elderly and continued to write music, and than the Lord gave me the book My King Jesus now on Amazon.Com in 90 countries worldwide. It talks about the song and the music and my life and how I came to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just recently my voice came back and I begin singing and have been offered music contracts but the timing has to be right.”

You can listen to My King Jesus and rejoice! Lady Elizabeth’s voice has a child-like joy as she sings this gospel song. If you’re a believer, then be honest: most of what passes for Christian Music is un-artful, clichéd, over-produced, and embarrassing.

Lady Elizabeth sticks to the faith and leaves the modern technicalities at the door. The song is rough and raw, directly from the heart and soul. Even though it’s highly emotional in its theme, it never leaves a sappy aftertaste. There is a certain distance from mushiness inherent in her vocal delivery and the musical arrangement in general.

Lady Elizabeth soars, rattles, shakes, and coerces the listener to believe. Her artistry is in conveying such heartfelt emotion that there can be no question about her sincerity and belief in her music and its source. Hers is a generous spirit. She is not worried about keeping the heavenly treasures under lock and key. She sings for anybody who will bother to listen.

This is the raw, gritty Elizabeth Green Townsend of the church. Just as every Spirit-filled worship leader does not draw attention to themselves, but to the God they adulate, My King Jesus is divinely focused. Lady Elizabeth starts off steering our attention from our helplessness to God’s sovereignty, and by the time the song reaches its climax every doubt seems to be shattered by her convicting melisma.



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