Sam Capolongo is a solo artist who plays a variety of musical instruments. Sam has been composing and recording both plugged and unplugged music since the age 12. Sam’s lyrics portray life stories and messages he’d like to communicate to others. The twelve songs on his first CD “Never The Simple Things” (available on iTunes) were written, performed and produced when he was sixteen. The title track on his most recent EP “This is Heaven” was written to help increase cancer awareness with all proceeds from the EP going to Stand Up To Cancer, a cancer research fund raising organization. His most recent single “Forever Here” was written with friend Logan Davis, inspired by their days at Montgomery High School. Sam is a student at University of Delaware.

Sam Capolongo and crew provide heartfelt lyrics and really strong hooks that will blow you away. “Forever Here” is simply amazing. Sam has exceeded with his voice and actions in this sojourn through a softer melodic path. This song is for bona-fide Capolongo fans as well as fans of intense uplifting music. If you are looking for something to listen to that is soothing, sometime upbeat, deep and smart lyrically, this is definitely your song.

With this single, Sam Capolongo showcases his talent through an organic song with super-powerful lyrics. Listening to it is an emotional, uplifting experience. Listening to his previously released works, you can hear that Sam’s songs are lyrically beautiful and well-sung, while the musical arrangements are awesome. Sam puts poetic lyrics to moving music. Simple sentiments, heartfelt reflections and positive messages are portrayed in a powerful way through his songs. “Forever Here” is a confirmation of something I’d already figured. Sam Capolongo is an artist you don’t have to question when buying his singles or albums. You can count on him for good music and songs you’ll enjoy everytime.

Nothing by Sam is overdone, and it’s all very real, and somehow humble, while it quietly gives you the message that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what. There is a lot of emotion in his music, and it is strong within songs that are pleasant to the ear; easy to listen to. These songs will almost always make you want to sing along, while putting a smile on your face; or, in some cases, the more emotional ones may almost make you cry. I’d definitely describe the Sam Capolongo listening experience as uplifting.

If you’re someone looking for heartfelt music you can enjoy at any time or place, relate to in almost any situation, that’ll also make you feel good, then the single “Forever Here” or the Ep, “This Is Heaven”, is definitely for you. The music is just that good. You won’t regret buying Sam Capolongo!



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