Who the hell is Sahr Dummy and why should you listen to his music? Sahr “Dummy” is a hip hop artist, songwriter and producer. “Dummy” got his stage name from his silly, funny and sarcastic personality. His unique persona is the essence of his music. Sahr’s music has been compared to Busta Rhymes and Ludacris, yet his music is distinct and provocative in its own way. “Dummy” is not your typical rapper that you hear on the radio.


His new E.P. is titled “It’s About to Go Down” and it will make you dance and laugh out loud when you least expect it. The E.P. has a total of four tracks and has something for everyone. The first single is “Rock this Night” as the perfect party anthem. “Big Momma” is another track that will have you dancing, but laughing at the same time. The song embraces PLUS size women and gives them a spotlight to shine on their own. “Dirty Dancing” is a track that speaks for itself. If you love grinding and winding on the dance floor, you will certainly have this song on repeat. Lastly, “It’s About to Go Down” is the album title-track that has an “old school” feel guaranteed to get you hyped.

Sahr has always had a passion for music, but the devastating loss of his wife in 2012 motivated him to live life to the fullest by pursuing his dream to share his music with the world.



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