Underground artist K.A.Y. recently dropped his latest single entitled “Garland’s Grove” from his upcoming project “Knowing After Yesterday”. The beat is effortlessly funky, jazzy, and soulful. It has a warm, mesmerising style that perfectly suits K.A.Y.’s dynamic rhymes. The production is reminiscent of The Roots, but it is much more mellow and organic.

K.A.Y. is an artist from out of the east coast, originally from Brooklyn, New York. He showcases his talents in hip hop, r&b, pop, and reggae. This gives him a vast array of choices in the music he wants to create. He is never one to be constrained by one style of music, and his influences span through a diversity of artists.

Like much of K.A.Y.s music, this is one of those songs that just slides through the cracks between genres. It’s also the quintessential hip hop single, as it takes hip hop to new places, it makes the whole more than what it was. Few singles accomplish that, stepping-up-the-game-for-all-involved and raising the collective ante.

The track is dense as hell, sticky-thick, odd effects, abyssinian-deep funkee samples, and beats the likes of which I have never heard before, plus sick rhymes that stick in your head eternally. Anyone who listens to this single will agree.

Just hearing the balance of soul, jazz and hip hop along with the voice of singer- emcee  K.A.Y. is simply aural bliss. “Garland’s Grove” is perfect for many situations: Going on a road trip? Put it on, adjust the bass, sit back and let the song be part of the soundtrack of your journey. Having a cocktail party? Play it on your home stereo for perfect ambiance music. Of course to truly appreciate it, break out your headphones at midnight and prepare for a smooth-textured, multilayer, head bobbing song.

Remember when hip hop was good back in the days of Tribe, Nas, Roots, and all the other great albums that came out during that time? K.A.Y.s music takes you back to that. Hopefully K.AY. will not be slept on. In a sea of mediocrity and straight up bad, violence glorifying crap-hop, this dude stands out and lights the way for a promising, peaceful beat-loving generation. Hip hop has so much potential, and in very few places, to my knowledge, has that potential been so fully realized as what K.A.Y. is doing here.

It’s a good change from the other stuff that’s out nowadays. So I look forward to hearing some of K.A.Y.s new projects when it comes out.



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