Vortex Ascent is an award-winning international collective of independent, solo artists. Our experimental output spans various genres and has been reviewed extremely favorably, notably on Indie-Music.com. This 14-track album was produced with Andy Rugg (formerly on the Coldplay engineering team). Guest contributors include Paddy Bush (brother of UK musician Kate Bush) and author/public speaker Cathy O’Brien.

Mart Giebner and David Flochlay
Mart Giebner and David Flochlay

Indie-Music.com had this to say about their latest album, Shine A Light: “Once you realize Vortex Ascent describes itself as an “international experimental federation of independent, solo musicians,” you know you’re in for a veritable variety pack album. And Shine A Light is just such a beautiful mishmash of various sounds and performers. Vortex Ascent is formerly known as Soki2u, but, of course, you know what they say about ‘a rose by any other name.’ As under the prior moniker, each contributor has a different musical approach, which means there’s never a dull moment. First founded in 2006 by Brendan Lynch and Derek Schuurman, this group – no matter what name it goes by – continues to be studio-based and inclusively featuring artists from multiple countries. With Shine A Light, Vortex Ascent proves that its eclectic musical philosophy is alive and well, and still producing lots of wonderful sounds.”

Sarah K Panton and Gila Chaya
Sarah K Panton and Gila Chaya

 Derek Schuurman
Founder Derek Schuurman


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