The Arkansas based 3 piece group, Rhythm Of Mars, led by guitarist Aaron Straub and keyboardist/composer Patti Unruh have released their 8-track Ep Window Of Destiny. Right off the bat I can testify that this Ep is simply amazing. As a purely instrumental work, this is one of the most lyrical albums I have heard, without a single word being sung. The emotion and feeling behind every note is simply brilliant.

Imagine being able to take bits and parts of Satriani’s soul and lyricism, Vai’s inventiveness and modalities, Malmsteen’s classicism, Johnson’s impeccable technique, and Petrucci’s progressiveness, then mix them together in just the right proportions. Now add in Rhythm Of Mars own fire, originality and sense of fun – and you have Window Of Destiny.

Throughout, you can tell that guitarist Straub loves to rock, truly loves what he does, and most importantly, has taste in his compositional approach.

It is amazing that Rhythm Of Mars can create music without vocals and still be totally entertaining. This grabs your attention when listening and will get you so enveloped in the music and that you will not be distracted by anything else. It is a great ‘getaway’. If you love guitar, and not just shredding, but melodic guitar, great riffs and different musical styles, grab this. The band plays great together, you won’t be disappointed.

In among the guitar dominated tracks, keyboardist and composer, Patti Unruh, gets to showcase her talents, on the majestic and classically inspired, Pleiadian and La Noche.

The tracks on this Ep, wind and bend in and out of genres, complex times changes, and breathtaking solos. From Houdini to Love Spell, Masquerade, Evolve and the title track, Window of Destiny, the compositions, guitar tones, and amazing soloing make for something even better; less dependent on technique and more on feel, Straub and Unruh capture the mood perfectly for each song. And while many songs changes gears quickly, nothing ever seems forced or out of place. Everything sounds like a natural transition, and Straub sounds as though his playing is effortless; truly jaw-dropping as well as inspirational. Great drums and bass, accompanies the tracks too.

There has always been a strange thing about the entertainment industry; talent is not an accurate predictor of widespread success. There are extremely talented musicians who only are known by a small select group of the general public – the case of Rhythm Of Mars, while on the other hand, there are mediocre talents who become multi-millionaire household names.

if you enjoy guitar music, any kind of guitar music, this is a really enjoyable work. You don’t need to be a “shred head” to enjoy this Ep. Window of Destiny has it all; fans of classic rock, alternative, metal, progressive, neo-classical/shred, pop, jazz and anything else you can imagine, will all find tracks to love here.



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