I consider SWELL to be a strong social statement. This is ‘all killer, no filler’ and every song stands out on its own. The album produced by Lloyd Stuart Casson, Eric Winzenried, and Jason Roberts really brings out the music of the Hollywood Drunks. Listen to “Get It”, “Getting Young” and then check out “Wake You” and you’ll hear why SWELL just explodes out of the door. From “Welcome” to “It Wouldn’t Last”, every one of the 14 tracks is different.

Hollywood Drunks is music at its finest. They started their own genre which very few can duplicate. Every track is meaningful and amazing. If you really listen, you find more than just bad ass beats, bittersweet lyrics, swaggering instrumentation, and fearlessly-pitched vocals. You will find music that is from the heart that speaks to people like you and me on every level.

Paul Sandberg – Keys, Sebastian Sheehan– Drums and Percussion, Carl West – Bass, Lloyd Stuart Casson – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keys and Eric Winzenried – Vox , draw their inspiration from a wide palate of choices. Their music delves into many different genres, including garage, surf, reggae, punk, funk, and rock. A lot of people may catch themselves humming one of the Hollywood Drunks insanely catchy tunes, without realizing the uncanny craftsmanship that these guys put into constructing their songs. It is important to understand how privileged we are to hear such music coming from a band that self-produces their recordings and videos.

In order to gain recognition on any musical circuit today, a band must have a gimmick to distinguish themselves from everyone else. The Hollywood Drunks’ gimmick is downright simple talent and hard work. These guys apply themselves wholeheartedly in presenting music with depth and meaning.

SWELL takes the groove sound of the Hollywood Drunks and delivers great song after great song. And while most bands only have a limited shelf life, with this album, every time you listen, there’s a new emotional satisfaction in store. That’s what makes them so great.

Hollywood Drunks’ make music that is listenable for anyone. They are arguably one of the most original alternative rock acts out there, and show the world that rock n’ roll can still exist outside of the pre-fabricated corporate music world.

If you’ve never ever listened to them, you don’t know what you’re missing, and if you don’t find out with SWELL, it will truly be a mistake on your behalf. This five-piece Los Angeles band is truly brilliant and amazing, and their music deserves to be enjoyed by all.

This album consists of 14 tracks, each one a stroke of musical genius. I won’t delve into a track-by-track account, trying to explain the theme of each song, suffice to say that this band is known for crazy rhythmic beats, caustically clever lyrics and innovative ways of arranging music. Here they combine all of their great skills to produce one badass album that sits slap-bang in the middle, between David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication!

Enough said!

To make sure you have no excuses on missing out on their music The Hollywood Drunks are offering all fans and newcomers to the band’s music, 3 FREE tracks for Download !


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