Originally from Brooklyn, New York,  K.A.Y is an eclectic East Coast artist whose sound embraces a wide range of elements, from the tight edge of Hip-Hop, to the smooth grooves of RnB and the vibes of reggae / dub. This gives him a vast array of choices in the music he wants to create. Kerim Klah aka K.A.Y is never one to be constraint by one style of music, his influence for the music he makes span through a vast array of artist.

K.A.Y has just dropped his latest track, Make It Last. Produced by Tev95 this is from his upcoming project, Knowing After Yesterday. So I’ve heard little noise about K.A.Y until now or I just wasn’t paying any real attention for a little while. Anyway, I’m here to report that there’s more to this dude that an occasional bark and loud production. K.A.Y has some serious lyrical skill and a very nice flow. Make It Last is a solid track, with only no weak spots. There’s a hint of real talent here, as this song delivers a lot of energy and lyrical niceties.

Make It Last is almost perfect in my honest opinion. K.A.Y has a nice blend of introspective, hardcore, and emotional sounds. This is K.A.Y in his rawest form; the lyrics are great throughout and the production is rugged and dark. Hip Hop needs tracks like these to slow the bubblegum pop-rap movement down. Don’t overlook this artist and single, if you don’t already have it.

A lot of rappers claim to be hard or real in the rap game. The thing I love about K.A.Y and his music is the passion in it; the music is filled with simple lyrical emotion. A lot of people in the industry, rap about things that they haven’t been through, heard of, or even seen, K.A.Y just tells the truth about life, and all its schemes and dreams. That’s being real.

If you like real rap, well this sounds similar to the defining rap/hiphop moments of the 90s. Make It Last is vintage rap material, awesome stuff. If you don’t have this track yet, grab it now. It is definitely off the chain. Get at me dog!







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