For the first half of his teenage years Minister G formerly known as GunDei (Gandhi) gangbanged on the streets of Miami chasing money and cheap thrills. Influenced and motivated by the style of music that permeated hip-hop in the early 90s, Minister G and a group of neighborhood friends known as the 6th Ave. Boyz, affiliated to little Haiti Haitian gang Zoe Pound began to commit home invasions and terrorized rival gangs.

“I was lost in these Miami streets with no purpose, taking penitentiary chances” recalls Minister G, like most young black males in the ghettos of America, he saw crime as the only passage to the proverbial good life and the gangster rap genre he related to at the time only reinforced this outlook.

In 1992, Minister G along with his parents relocated to Montreal, Canada. He signed a record deal with Montreal indie label Zoobone Records, went on to release various singles such as the underground classic “the solution” on 12 inch vinyl and toured throughout Canada and the United States. In 2001 after hitting many roadblocks in his career and personal life, Minister G says he had a transformative spiritual experience and gradually began to realize that he’s been deceived into trusting the destructive values of a culture deep rooted in crime, sexism and nihilism.

Minister G has just dropped his new track entitled “Rules of Engagement”. I’m going to tell you right now if you’re looking for swag rap, tight clothes, and bright shirts this single is not for you. This is real music not that watered down stuff. This single bangs hard from beginning to end; in the way those 90’s songs drilled your mind.

Minister G not only has a much grounded idea of Hip Hop production, he does it so outside of the box that you have to stand up and listen. This also creates one heck of an anticipation for his upcoming album “Church fo’ da Thugz,” dropping this summer.

Minister G demonstrates what Rap can be when you remove the fluff, the hype and get back to sending a message in a powerful and unique way. He has better flow than nearly every other rapper out there, his rhymes are extremely well-written, and the backing beats are top tier. To top it all Minister G has funky singing voice in the style of classic Bill Withers that could stand up all on its own.

“Rules of Engagement” belongs on every rap fan’s shelf, right alongside those hip-hop classics. The past is the future when it comes to truthful solid rap songs, and that’s where Minister G gets his inspiration.

Minister G is intelligent. The lyrics are timeless and the beats are infectious, which seamlessly enhances the storytelling. The combination of intense social commentary and great technical execution elevates this work to quality heights of creative achievement. Pass “Rules of Engagement” around and stand out in the crowd!

Minister G
Minister G


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