Roubix is a musical artist created by James Thorp. Originally started in 2009 when James was 19 years old, he quickly developed a character around progressive, alternative pop music. On the launch of No! No! No! (a comical short pop song) which cemented Roubix as a musician, following tracks that were subsequently distributed randomly during the year of 2010 further established Roubix as a self discovering musical artist.

From 2009 to late 2010 Roubix struggled to make an impact on the music scene, and it was only when TWE Records distributed the music to international music platforms, then interest grew.

In 2011 Roubix took a break from making music and let the music previously written, produced and recorded to establish a name in the European music industry. With the funds made from this time, Roubix invested in locating Andy Haldane who has previously worked with several Eurovision Song Contest artists. After recording a demo track ‘Crazy 4 U’ in 2012, and released free to fans who had waited over one year for any new material by Roubix, it was soon confirmed that the new direction for Roubix was appreciated by the fans and the duo started work on a new 2013 EP entitled ‘Forbidden’.

 In April 2013, producer Neks Official teamed up with Any Haldane and Roubix to deliver the sounds and beats required to satisfy the project. Alongside this, to further the direction of new music, Roubix and Neks Official first remixed several Lady Gaga tracks with the intention of understanding how they could envisage ‘Forbidden’.

Roubix has been a consistent underground music performer in the United Kingdom and apparently rumor has it that Roubix has been privately selected to perform at Eurovision 2014. The BBC has not released any official details yet, so we cannot confirm or deny the news, but The Sun Newspaper is saying that this is the UK selection this year. We’re leaving the benefit of the doubt to you.

In the meantime the song in question, Wild Thing is available on iTunes as well as being supported by a video published on YouTube. The track is upbeat, energetic, and soothing at the same time. It wears very well with repeated listening.

Full of lush sounds, and clever lyrics, you cannot help but be inspired to “dance like no one’s watching” and sing along to the toe tapping tune. This is pure electro-pop elegance.

Wild Thing is an immensely intelligent work of electronic pop music that consistently satisfies. Like Depeche Mode, Roubix manages to get the juices flowing and are able to effectively craft a catchy electro song with soul and real energy.

British Electronic music is alive and well and is exemplified by songs such as this: ones that bring out tongue in cheek substance with an entertaining beat!



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