The Yung Saintz are a hip-hop duo with a brand new approach: Unlike most of the stereotype-driven rap scene, this pair of performers set out to make music with a positive mindset. Often described as energizing, inspirational, and the future of gospel music. They have had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Rita Marley, Papa San, and Prosper GPM.

These rappers are not afraid to sing about their life experiences and about their christian upbringing, delivering lyrics that face topics such as the ever-challenging pursuit of truth, and the incredible journey and struggle of life itself.  The great thing about Yung Saintz is their ability to make the listener at ease with these topics, matching them with an eclectic approach and blending their hip hop with gospel, jazz, dance and more, reaching a wide fanbase with their great charisma.

The Yung Saintz dropped their latest Ep, ‘Untold Stories’, a couple of months ago. Their approach to worship and praise music is fresh. It’s not the typical, predictable gospel music that has grown totally flat over the last few years. The music incorporates unique sounding beats showcasing real heartfelt songs from the soul. The lyrics are frank and honest without being ‘preachy’. The rhymes are emotional coming from the depths of a believer’s soul, yet at times they address serious issues with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, thereby facilitating communication. Their faith-induced experiences and thoughts are expressed throughout the album. The Yung Saintz hardly leave any emotional rock un-turned.

Moreover, ‘Untold Stories’ has mass appeal. The music is cutting edge, out the box, risky, refreshing, inspiring and effective. It can be appreciated by those who have fallen away, those who are steadfast and those who are at the crossroads…without distinction. These dudes take worship to a whole different level. They make listening to Gospel music very cool indeed.

The beats, the lyrics, the spirit, and the presentation are flawless. If you are looking to be enriched in your mind body and soul with great sounds then this album is the way to go.

It’s also refreshing to be able to just feel the music and not skip over certain tracks. All you need to do here is just hit repeat and groove along. The 7 available tracks are smooth and have sort of an earthy feel to it, with great rhymes, sweet flows and spectacular female vocals.

My favorite tracks are It’s Alright, It’s Ok, Take Your Time, Life’s Diary, Dedication to Her and Pride. The music is contemporary, relevant and the messages are true and pure. What more could you ask for? This duo shows that young people do serve the Lord and are not afraid to be themselves through Christ.

The tunes on ‘Untold Stories’ are both inspirational and uplifting. If you haven’t heard any of Yung Saintz’s music yet, I highly recommend that you check this out.



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