The Premier of the OneFilAm Film Festival, in Hollywood , proved to be a terrific celebration of Filipino films and those who make them. It was also marked with solemn moments of remembering the many victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Over 700 people came out in support, one of them being Filipino Superstar, Raymond Bagatsing, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and also helped with the collection of food and blankets destined for the typhoon victims.

“We chose the very best of the best films to be part of this festival,” said Adrain Lecaros, festival founder. “We felt with this caliber of films, that everyone was already a winner coming in, and we are so proud to say, we have some outstanding talents show their films and attend this event. Our two Best Director Awards went to Jay Ignacio for ‘Bladed Hand’ and Zen Freese for ‘Freight Train’.”

“We had all the traditional categories in the film selections, including our very own Miss OneFilAm, which is a tribute to Filipina female filmmakers. We want Filipina American Filmmakers to know that we celebrate and encourage their contribution to Film making. Filipina woman have a unique voice in film making, and we had a few excellent female filmmakers, including actress and filmmaker, Radhaa Nilia, who was crowned this year’s winner. She possesses great qualities of creativity as an actress, producer, and as an award winning director. Her beauty and grace, made her our choice for Miss OneFilAm states Founder Adrian Lecaros.

Mr. Lecaros goes on the say: “Many other categories were awarded, including The Best New Artist. Filipinos are, of course, known to be great singers and performers, and this year we awarded Filipino American singer, Ayvee Verzonilla, that award. We look forward to watching her grow, as an upcoming Artist.” 

The support and turn out for this year’s Festival was incredible, and it is expected that in years to come, the OneFilAm Festival will grow exponentially. Meanwhile, the huge heart of the Filipino Community contributed generously to aid our brothers and sisters in Leyte Province. Filmmakers and interested vendors please contact Adrian Lecaros for upcoming opportunities at

Radhaa Nilia
Radhaa Nilia

Official List of Winners:

Short Films:

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Best Student Film

Nico’s Sampagita:

Best Screenplay

Critics Choice Award

Ambulancia De Paa:

Best Documentary (for short film)

Special Recognition

Freight Train:

Best Director: Zen Freese

Best Actor: Raymond Bagatsing

Best Actress: Radhaa Nilia

Best Cinematographer: Amanda Treyz

Best Original Music Score: Panos Panakos

Feature Length:

The Bladed Hand:

Best Action Film Award

Best Director Award for Documentary Film:  Jay Ignacio


Best Cimematography Award: Peggy Peralta

Best Filipino Cultural Film Award

Best Editor: Chuck Gutierezz

Don’t Stop Believin’ Everymans Journey:

Best of Festival Award

Honorable Mention:

Forgotten Soldiers

Best New Music Artist:

Ayvee Verzonilla

Honorary Guest:

Raziel Fuentebella Arcega

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Raymond Bagatsing


Radhaa Nilia:
Radhaa Nilia Productions: