Olivia Somerlyn has released her new single “Parachute” which was co-written with Nick Jonas. Olivia has already toured with Big Time Rush, Jessie J, Victoria Justice, and the Jonas Bros. She was also runner up for the Macy’s iHeart Radio Contest.

“Parachute” is a delightfully simple track; Olivia Somerlyn’s latest single is driven solely by her voice, a tight beat, and light piano-synth tones. The song comes straight from the heart of two great songwriters; as they explore various themes and aspects of ‘holding on’ or ‘letting go’ in relationships. Their perspective is uplifting, genuine and realistic, which portrays Olivia like a long-time friend one is beckoned to listen to and not a climbing celebrity looking for some extra cash. The song captures the essence of self-determination, demonstrating Olivia’s persistence and optimism in song.

The production on this single is flawless; the beat and piano-synth on each track supplement Olivia’s honest vocals without overshadowing them, allowing the song’s message to be delivered to listeners with a meaningful impact. What really makes this single stand out is how approachable it is. Most young people can easily connect with the relevant music presented here.

Olivia Somerlyn is an artist who evokes wisdom, dedication, and heart, characteristics that make her music an approachable and a powerful translation of well-conveyed early life realizations. On “Parachute” her messages aren’t muddied by overdone production; a strong but easygoing easy beat and delicate chords enhance Olivia’s lyrics and allow listeners to openly absorb the heart of the song.

It is clear that Olivia Somerlyn has delivered a great performance here, without egoistically pushing the boundaries or drowning the song in complexities. Her voice is haunting and evocative; it takes you by the hand and leads you soaring and swooping to places your soul distinctively remembers and that your heart has visited numerous times before.

If you liked Olivia Somerlyn’s previous works and want to hear some more equally exciting music, do get the single. On the other hand, if you’ve never heard of her before, “Parachute” is a great place to start!

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