Chand K Nova is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and performing artist from London, UK. His style is embedded in the instrumental, rock-fusion and spinoff genres. Chand’s 2014 latest EP, “Solar Bliss” can currently be streamed on Spotify.

The delight in discovering new guitarists is always a source of energy for my ongoing daily tasks. Just yesterday I had the pleasure of basking in the works of Tommy West, today I am enjoying the six-string escapades of Chand K Nova; two totally different guitarists, in their approach and execution of the instrument, but equally laudable in their quest to nourish the glory of its sound

This is a really great EP from start to finish. If had to describe it I would use words like jazzy, exotic, avant-garde, smooth, yet undeniably and powerfully rock orientated.

Every song musically represents and conveys its title beautifully (which often doesn’t happen in instrumental albums). As far as innovative instrumentals goes this release has Chand K Nova eagerly searching for sonic bliss with melodical playing that any listener can easily comprehend.

You won’t find pseudo-metal bombastic shredding here, instead there are slow and mellow to faster paced, powerful rhythms of incredible beauty. Two tracks above all the others perfectly convey my theory. “Zetetic”, with its easy flowing verses and intensely rushing choruses, and “Trouble in Paradise”, which explodes with punctuated rhythms and insistent riffs. These two tracks for me represent the opposing highpoints of this EP.

Painting colorful and often surreal ambient pictures throughout this work, particularly on “China Man Blues”, Chand K Nova has come up with a solid production. Overall, though this EP is enticing, not because it is incredibly innovative or overtly ingenious, but because it forgoes pretentiousness for a more intimate effect.

Despite being instrumentals, the album succeeds in being interesting throughout. Probably due to the great deal of mood and immense measure of pathos and ethos it captures.

You know how people complain that so and so band is too “formulated” in their song writing or performance and that most of their songs sound too much alike? Well, let me tell you, “Solar Bliss” does not suffer any of these pathologies; it has plenty of diversity on it from the songwriting to the performances and Chand’s style of playing varies just enough to keep it interesting and well balanced.

Chand K Nova’s work on “Solar Bliss” is rich, deep, clean, and smooth.All in all, it’s a very good EP from a competently solid guitarist.