Sarantos has released his latest song entitled “A Country Song” . It’s his ninth single release in row.  Sarantos has been nominated for 2 awards for the upcoming International Music & Entertainment Awards on October 4th 2014—the categories are Rock Song of the Year and Pop Album of the Year.

Sarantos who originally falls into the genre of modern pop-rock, tinged with an 80s feel, has been extending his musical boundaries into every genre and style he could get his hands on during the past few months. His moved as far afield as rap right into his latest country effort. This time around Sarantos has even gone one step further than just genre-bending. “A Country Song” is also a duet with a female performer!

“This is classic country song duet about a man and his wife,” says Sarantos. “They are absolutely in love with each other. Their love is strong in spite of the challenges of every daily life. This is a country song he wrote for her. They really get each other. It’s all so simple and easy, just as it should be. On this song, the vocal styles both contrast as well as complement each other in a very unique way!”

This latest release maintains the high level of excellence that one has come to expect of Sarantos. “A Country Song” can legitimately stand alongside the best of Sarantos’ vast catalog. He has been astounding us with his remarkable songwriting for quite a while now. Most normal people would run out of material by now. But he’s mind is always clicking, his eyes are always seeing, and his ears are always hearing. They never completely stop. They may rest every now and then, but never totally stop.

The result is a song that is, gentle in its execution, but Sarantos still maintains the fire and passion that he always has in his songs, but here it’s tempered, focused to the personal, the internal, feelings about love and intense relationships. And he is ably assisted by his female counterpart in the song.

Sarantos Melogia is a performer, songwriter, a man of integrity, strength, warmth, wit, experience, passion, intelligence, gentleness and tenderness -a human of the highest degree and that is what “A Country Song” shows.

As he has sincerely done on each release, Sarantos is once again donating to a charitable cause. For “A Country Song,” Sarantos has chosen to donate 33% of any music related sales profits to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science.

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