Today it is easy to start your own indie label.  Just go to the website Reverbnation and do a search for labels in your area.  Provided you don’t live on an island, there are likely many surrounding you.  Chances are most of them have only one artist that they represent, and chances are even more likely that the before mentioned one artist owns the label that represents him. It’s easy to start a label, but it is virtually impossible to make money at it. In a time when major labels are struggling to earn album sales, indie labels just don’t have a chance. So why do it?  Probably because you truly love music, for example Lackpro Records.

lackpro-logo-400In the last four years Lackpro Records has given the world some of the greatest indie music currently in circulation, and you probably haven’t even noticed.  The album Paradigms In the Design was voted album of the year, and one magazine referred to it as “a once in a generation album.”  The Harmed Brothers released their second album Come Morning with Lackpro and, after reaching #13 on the Euro-Americana Charts, was recently listed by CMT as “the band to watch.”

The Kite Flying Robot album Solid Gold was a college radio darling which charted at several stations across the U.S. and Canada. After touring with the legendary rock band Down, the band Big Okie Doom recently recorded their first LP at Lackpro studios and that album is scheduled to be released sometime next year. In addition to all of this and on a personal note, last year Lackpro released what I consider to be one of the greatest albums in a very long time: Mutually Assured Destruction by the band Brother Gruesome.

Now keeping in that tradition of great music, Lackpro Records has given us Daisy.  It’s a thirteen song sampler of some of the best artists Lackpro is currently representing, and it is impressive.  If you have heard The Harmed Brothers and if you have heard Brother Gruesome then you are aware that Lackpro covers some pretty broad ground when it comes to musical styles. Daisy does the same while introducing us to several new performers.  I am not going to review each song on the album, but some of the new kids that I think truly deserve mentioning are singer-songwriter Brian Cagle, the Canadian two piece Skinny Bitches, and screaming rockers Killer Gandhi.  The whole album is great but these three new faces really stood out to me.

Lackpro has made the album available via soundcloud to be heard for free, but if you like it you should buy it.  I can’t imagine how much they spend to keep churning out such great music, but I know it surely isn’t free.