Ben Hatfield better known by his stage name Young Lyrix aka YLX is a Rapper based out of Kenora, Canada. He grew up on the gritty streets of Kenora, His lyrics are not for the faint hearted, sexual and misogynistic, and unapologetically so. Influenced by Eminem, 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, Young Lyrix’s finds his own personal style in his ability to create so much dread and moodiness with so little elements – a synth here, a sample there, his style is one that understands the concept that less is more. Young Lyrix is also the Founder/CEO of Ktown Entertainment.

Young-Lyrix-300“Bastard Child” is one of the hottest indie rap albums out right now. If you are a rap fan, you must have this in your collection. It fuses hardcore street lyrics with excellent minimal production. Containing nineteen tracks for over 1 hour of music, it just sounds awesome. It is a contemplation of rough ghetto life from beginning to end; murder, kidnapping and dangerously black humor, but it’s also laced with pop sensibilities in its arrangements, which puts “Bastard Child” at the top of its genre.

The difference between Young Lyrix and most upcoming rappers is that he isn’t afraid to show his face or whatever, because he can rap about anything he believes on his songs. He is especially hard-hitting and menacing, on slower paced, darker songs like the title-track “Bastard Child”, “1 Million Years” and “Krazy”. Though personally for me Young Lyrix is at his catchiest and technical best onSweet Dreams (feat.Cardiac)”, “Thin Pancakes”, “We Roll Deep (feat.Musiq) and “Tonight”.

Young Lyrix’s content is so rich on these songs you can picture every word. He is a powerful taste of grimey and gangsta that is so refreshing in this watered down state of hip-hop. Plus he has an ability to flow over whatever beat is at hand. This profound, slow paced album doesn’t jump right in, too deep, too quickly. It’s almost as if Young Lyrix’s is saying, here’s a taste of what I can do, now listen up and chill out ,until we move onto the next track!

Believe the hype, “Bastard Child” is a secret weapon getting ready to blow every rapper away. Throughout the album, Young Lyrix takes you on a musical journey that moves up a level, track after track, as he delves into his thoughts, beliefs and street life as well; something many rappers are afraid to rap about because they are afraid to show they have no credibility.

Young Lyrix not only has the skill but he also displays a convincing measure of street credibility, and it shows through his lyrics on this album. Each track has some of the hottest beats and his rhymes add a spice able to make any of these songs a classic!

“Bastard Child” is the real deal folks. If you’ve been looking for something, anything, to put in your player, worthy enough for the shuffle button, buy this album. Young Lyrix, matched up with the creative production beats, samples, and raw energy, makes this album 5 stars for me.

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