“Love In Blue” is steadily climbing digital charts.

The debut album from BAIN, entitled “Love in Blue” is a skillfully crafted piece of art. From the atmospheric album art work to the ear pleasing melodies and cool grooves within, this album is a stunning success. “Love in Blue” is an 8 song journey composed of lush male and female vocals, richly textured analog keyboards, sexy smooth guitar, driving bass lines, and seamless melding of live and electronic drums. The honesty of the songwriting shines bright, reflecting poetically on the album’s theme of “love”.

“Love In Blue” travels through down-tempo hypnotic grooves with moody atmospheres, to uplifting funky tunes, dynamic ballads, and catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks that will happily be stuck in your head after listening. These memorable textures bring a sense of nostalgia that fans of Sade, Seal, and Maxwell are sure to enjoy. With influences from funk, soul, rock, and jazz, this astounding first LP pushes all the right seams of the standard R&B/Soul envelope. The superbly self-produced record is presented with such sincerity and depth that this music is truly timeless and is sure to live on beyond the band’s time.

While this is the group’s first official release, the members have been making music and performing with some of the mainstay groups of Minneapolis for more than a decade. BAIN is composed of members Davis Bain (vocals, guitars, production), Erick “Afrokeys” Anderson (keyboards, production), and Jayanthi Kyle (vocals). Davis Bain and Erick Anderson have been working together in various bands and collaborating on recordings since 2003, but it wasn’t until 2011 when the two joined forces with female vocalist Jayanthi Kyle that the band fully recognized the sound that created BAIN. The musical concept was conceived by Davis Bain, thus bearing his last name as the band’s title.

Upon just being released on September 16th, 2014, “Love In Blue” is steadily climbing digital charts and gaining recognition from other artists and music enthusiasts around the globe.



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