She plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production herself.

Borg Queen is Jenny Kirby, a stripper turned musician when she decided to get sober and needed a pet project to work on between shows to prevent her from hanging out in the bar and getting hammered. She began creating a compilation of music and paintings inspired by her experiences as an exotic entertainer. Borg Queen’s first studio album Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles will be released in 2015. It will consist of 10 songs and 10 paintings based on Jenny’s experiences with the exotic entertainment industry.

Borg Queen aka Jenny Kirby
Borg Queen aka Jenny Kirby

Jenny is also an avid production designer having played art director, set designer and costume maker for the music video Lapdance Romance. Jenny will be doing the art direction for 3 more Borg Queen music videos for the featured singles on Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles. She plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production herself.

Borg Queen is a unique Industrial artist with her own original sound, and Lapdance Romance is packed with passion and power. The instrumentation and electronics are amazing, and Jenny Kirby’s voice brings the haunting and brooding lyrics to life.

Borg Queen has unleashed an artistic, atmospheric gallery of emotion with Lapdance Romance. The biggest difference between Borg Queen and other industrial bands is the way the music flows; enchanting and melodic, through a perfect balance of sound, electronic effects and instruments. And it just wouldn’t work without Jenny’s voice – soft and sentimental at times, bitter and angry at others. Sure, it’s dark and macabre, at times erotically so. And if you turned off the song halfway through, you’d walk away feeling broken, lost and disorientated. Listening to it all, right until the end, the music unravels a story; a beautifully twisted tale, about love, lust, desire and despair.

Jenny displays such passion behind her lyrics and vocal work, being a real treat to listen to, while the music that accompanies it is tight and very well put together. Anyone who has ever suffered from a ‘desiring heart’ can relate to this song on many levels.

In a way Lapdance Romance, is like listening to a modern musical equivalent of an Edgar Allen Poe poem – a journey into the darker depths of the soul. Nonetheless, Borg Queen’s latest single is something completely accessible and deserves the merit it will rightly receive.

borg-queen-300A little more sensual than Nine Inch Nails and a little less aggressive than Ministry, Borg Queen orbits neatly in-between the two and focuses on the soul instead. Tugging and yearning at your heart!