It’s the verses and flows that Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom deliver, which impress most.

The 13 track album, “The Juevos & T.tom Demo” is a hip hop collaboration between Long Island’s Seany Juevos & Vermont’s Tommy T. Tom. It was recorded in Long Island, New York and Vermont but mostly on Long Island’s north shore. All lyrics were written by Sean Wuorio (Seany Juevos) and Thomas Oliveri – Ramirez (Tommy T. Tom).  Other credits include album artwork by Narrow Path Designs. Production was done by Various Artist, Thomas Ramirez & Sean Wuorio. The album was mixed and mastered by Seany Juevos, Tommy T. Tom and Anthony DeNapoli, except “Hamburg Freeverse” which was mixed and mastered by Anthony DeNapoli.

seany juevos and tommy t tom
seany juevos and tommy t tom

If you had to categorize “The Juevos & T.tom Demo” abstract style of rap it would have to be impressionistic. Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom’s speculative style rarely comes forth in a conventional manner; instead they splash the canvas with an array of vivid colors and images creating an aural kaleidoscope of personal philosophy, dry-wit, and understated intelligence.

Creativity-wise this album is outstanding. The production quality is also top notch, not so much in the recording department, as this is a demo on a limited budget, but in the choice of beats and samples and their subsequent transformation into song structures.

Classic, essential, original, trendsetting, it’s the verses and flows that Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom deliver, which impress most.  Lyrically these young dudes put crazy imagery in your head, while they overflow with original topics. I can’t say whose dropping the hottest rhymes, as I haven’t worked out which of the two is saying what yet! Suffice to say that both are fully blossoming with rap creativity.

Far removed from the trivial Top 40 mainstream hiphop, both emcees have original and transcendental deliveries with enough charm to pull in even the most average listener’s attention. In other words, though newcomers on a demo release, they already shine off their own light.

seany-juevos-and-tommy-t-tom-680From standouts “Pete Rock Freeverse”, “MF Freeverse”, “Rhymes Righteous” and “Hamburg Freeverse” to “K-Otix Freeverse”, “Aoy”, “Distract the Dispatch” and “Roadblocks”, Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom present a lyrical onslaught over unconventional beats and extreme rhymes. You’d swear they were hip hop veterans breaking new ground, not up and coming fledging’s on the verge of carving out a brand new career!

It’s simple really: put this in your player and see how many times you listen to it continuously, it’s going to be more than three or four times. This is the kind of album that you play over and over again. Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom blend seamlessly along with the stellar beats. Almost every song is well-crafted, lyrically and musically while the inspired beats crackle with energy. “The Juevos & T.tom Demo” has its own flow that pulls you like an undertow you just can’t escape. The entire album transcends the usual clichés of rap and hip hop music in an original way. And that in itself is a major accomplishment. Now I dare you to put Seany Juevos and Tommy T. Tom in a million dollar sound studio on a major budget, and then witness the fireworks!



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